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AdaptiLab, A Techstars Software Hiring Startup, Helps Tech Companies Acquire The Best Machine Learning Talent

In the war for top software talent, hiring high-quality machine learning engineers is a challenging technical problem in of itself.

AdaptiLab is an AI-driven talent acquisition company that specializes in helping tech companies identify and hire the best machine learning (ML) and data science (DS) talent.

Neeman says, 'As industry-agnostic technology investors, Trilogy is seeing machine learning play an increasingly important role in how businesses of all types scale and compete.

Enterprises, however, cannot apply established software engineering methods to hiring the right talent given the unique set of skills required for implementing machine learning.

From over one hundred interviews with hiring managers at tech companies, Wu and Lu became familiar with the hurdles of acquiring top machine learning talent.

Lu adds, 'Unlike software engineering interviews that focus on algorithms, there are 5 core competencies of machine learning: data preprocessing, data analysis, feature engineering, model training, general algorithms-that need to be evaluated for proper skillset alignment.'

The uncertainty stemming from the manual processes associated with recruiting leads to excessive expenditures, inefficient, bloated hiring teams, and talent churn within the company.

As more tech companies rely on machine learning to maintain their competitive edge in their respective sectors, the market need for automated, scalable hiring solutions grows.

The best artificial intelligence software developers can earn compensation on the order of millions of dollars a year to retain their services.

The startup is able to customize the assessments and challenges to different data domains and company use cases via their internal machine learning and specialized algorithms.

These reports allow them to improve matching candidates to the right roles and to free up technical leads' and hiring managers' time to work on company business.

Careers in research

Microsoft Research provides a vibrant research environment, with an open publications policy and close links to top academic institutions across the world.

Postdoc researcher positions provide an opportunity to develop your research career and to interact with some of the top minds in the research community, with the potential to have your research realized in products and services that will be used worldwide.

The 38 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2020

Top Recruiting Software 2020 The capabilities of recruiting software are changing rapidly and HR Tech, once an oxymoron, is alive and well in 2020.

In 2019, Josh Bersin, industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, revealed he is currently tracking “more than 1400 HR technology companies.” With hundreds of recruiting software companies out there, how do you determine which ones are worth investing in?

The competing demands of increased hiring volume and decreased recruiter headcount, AI and automation tools will continue to be a top recruiting software category in 2020.

With a recent survey finding 63% of HR managers having conducted an online interview, video interviewing software is becoming an important part of the recruiting tech stack.

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