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19 Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Look For In 2019

Tech decision makers are (and should keep) looking for ways to effectively implement artificial intelligence into their businesses and, therefore, drive value. And though all AI technologies most definitely have their own merits, not all of them are worth investing in.

By providing algorithms, APIs (application programming interface), development and training tools, big data, applications and other machines, ML platforms are gaining more and more traction every day.

The last one is actually the first and only audience management tool in the world that applies real AI and machine learning to digital advertising to find the most profitable audience or demographic group for any ad.

Deep learning platforms use a unique form of ML that involves artificial neural circuits with various abstraction layers that can mimic the human brain, processing data and creating patterns for decision making.

It allows for more natural interactions between humans and machines, including interactions related to touch, image, speech, and body language recognition, and is big within the market research field.

Robotic processes automation uses scripts and methods that mimic and automate human tasks to support corporate processes.  It is particularly useful for situations when hiring humans for a specific job or task is too expensive or inefficient.

Their digital twins are basically, lines of software code, but the most elaborate versions look like 3-D computer-aided design drawings full of interactive charts, diagrams, and data points.

AI and ML are now being used to move cyberdefense into a new evolutionary phase in response to an increasingly hostile environment: Breach Level Index detected a total of over 2 billion breached records during 2017.

Recurrent neural networks, which are capable of processing sequences of inputs, can be used in combination with ML techniques to create supervised learning technologies, which uncover suspicious user activity and detect up to 85% of all cyber attacks.  Startups such as Darktrace, which pairs behavioral analytics with advanced mathematics to automatically detect abnormal behavior within organizations and Cylance, which applies AI algorithms to stop malware and mitigate damage from zero-day attacks, are both working in the area of AI-powered cyber defense.

Compliance is the certification or confirmation that a person or organization meets the requirements of accepted practices, legislation, rules and regulations, standards or the terms of a contract, and there is a significant industry that upholds it.

And the volume of transaction activities flagged as potential examples of money laundering can be reduced as deep learning is used to apply increasingly sophisticated business rules to each one.  Companies working in this area include, a Retch company that matches regulatory documents to a corresponding business function;

Merlon Intelligence, a global compliance technology company that supports the financial services industry to combat financial crimes, and Socure, whose patented predictive analytics platform boosts customer acceptance rates while reducing fraud and manual reviews.

While some are rightfully concerned about AI replacing people in the workplace, let’s not forget that AI technology also has the potential to vastly help employees in their work, especially those in knowledge work.

Content creation now includes any material people contribute to the online world, such as videos, ads, blog posts, white papers, infographics, and other visual or written assets.

But peer-to-peer networks are also used by cryptocurrencies, and have the potential to even solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, says Ben Hartman, CEO of Bet Capital LLC, to Entrepreneur.  Nano Vision, a startup that rewards users with cryptocurrency for their molecular data, aims to change the way we approach threats to human health, such as superbugs, infectious diseases, and cancer, among others.

It uses software to automate customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management, and streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing strategic minds to get back to doing what they do best.

The software automates all the process of campaign management and optimization, making daily adjustments per ad to super-optimize campaigns and managing budgets across multiple platforms and over several different demographic and micro demographic groups per ad.

The Next Picasso Is Technology

There is a new, emerging technology currently being developed known as Artificial Intelligence.

The process of creating something new is really just taking what you know and letting your genetic programming do the rest.

To explain this, let’s take the example of a person trying to create counterfeit coins and an inspector trying to figure out which is which.

They can be used to generate art, fill in missing parts of images, and convert text to images.

Based on a dataset, GANs can produce art so realistic, a human couldn’t tell the difference between real art and GAN art.

GANs can fill in missing parts of images as well as remove objects that might be blocking things in the picture, like your finger blocking the camera.

(That happens to everyone, right?) This doesn’t just have to be when your finger gets in the middle of a picture, GANs can recreate parts of a photo from anywhere!

This recreated part of the photo looks so realistic, it seems as though the photo was never missing a part!

These range from creating the next Picassos to getting your finger out of photos you take, and even creating VR worlds based on text!

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