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Need a New Topic for Thanksgiving Dinner? How to Explain Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Anyone...and Make it Fun!

Thanksgiving dinners are known to be the stage of controversial discussions: religion and politics are amongst the conversation topics that make these family gatherings awkward for some...and dreadful for many.

If it’s a 5-year-old or a 75-year-old that asks today: “What is AI?”, use the following three steps: 1) The ‘academic’ explanation You could say: 'Artificial Intelligence refers to the science that helps computers do things that only humans typically can do.

For instance: making a decision as the result of something we learned over time, or, altering our opinion based on new information, deducting the answer to a complex situation based on incomplete data…”.

If this intro works, then you can further theorize how humans have special powers like imagination, judgment or deduction.

To understand AI and the service it provides humans, you’ve got to start with the most basic concept attached to “AI”: the algorithmic sequence.

They should also understand that a) the machine stores more information than their brain ever could, and that b) it can retrieve the right answer 100% of the time, and faster than they could ever hope.