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The writing of this AI is so human that its creators are scared to release it

A new text generator driven by artificial intelligence is apparently so good that its creators have decided not to make it publicly available.

The tool was created by OpenAI, a non-profit research firm whose backers include Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman and which was founded with the mission of "discovering and enacting the path to safe artificial general intelligence."

Feed it sample content — be it a few words, or a few pages — and the AI will write what comes next, with a coherent, plausible passage that matches both the subject and the style of the source material.

So while the quality of the output is impressive — it largely lacks the bugs and mistakes that have been routine with previous efforts at predictive text — the real novelty of the GPT-2 system is the wide range of content it is capable of creating and, in turn, its variety of potential uses.

Clearly trying to avoid any political fire with their sample news story, the researchers inputted the following prompt: "In a shocking finding, scientist discovered a herd of unicorns living in a remote, previously unexplored valley, in the Andes Mountains.

This boundary-pushing piece of software is essentially a tool for the mass production of disinformation: Content that looks and sounds believable, with all the trappings of a legitimate news source — but with no real validity.

It's that blurring of lines that is concerning: Some elements of the content will be rooted in reality — names of politicians, or events, for example — depending on what has been fed into the system.  And yet a quote from that named person might be entirely computer-generated and baseless.

"Last year revealed significant examples of election-hacking and malicious campaigns to incite chaos while people are simply trying to participate in democratic exchange, the lifeblood of civil society,"

Another recent study shows that the majority of Canadians think Facebook will negatively impact the election, largely due to its track record of contributing to the spread of targeted — and often fabricated — headlines.

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