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Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

Bitcoin yet again graced global headlines last week, after the President of the United States, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to declare himself “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies, “whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air.” The ensuing discussion largely celebrated the global attention and the fact that bitcoin is now important enough for one of the most powerful men in the world to make a public statement about it.

Contrary to popular opinion, there has been no official statement supporting the claim – the Bernstein case so often cited, in which a judge upheld the claim that the government could not stop the publication of code, was superseded by appeals and eventually dismissed without an official ruling.

And as we saw with the handling of the U.S. approach to Iran sanctions – the threat of retaliation against any company, no matter its jurisdiction, that violated the ban on trade – it is possible that an aggressive stance from the issuer of the world’s reserve currency could force other sovereign nations to capitulate.

Apart from the dissonance of the most anti-establishment president in recent memory attempting to squelch one of this century’s most anti-establishment technologies, one of his electoral pacts was to roll back financial regulation and encourage innovation.

While it could be argued that clamping down on bitcoin would be more a step to protect the dollar than an encroachment of federal power (although the administration seems to see Facebook’s Libra as a greater threat), the precedent of trying to stop a particular non-violent use of code will make many enterprises both in and out of finance uncomfortable.

And most of “Wall Street,” the traditional financial institutions that Trump seems to want to cultivate through his fiscal and economic policies, has an interest in bitcoin, through either the development of crypto operations or the investment preferences of institutional clients.

While this may elevate the risk of negative repercussions, it also brings forward the potential, highlighting how far the concept has come: once an obscure and complex idea developed by a niche group of coders, bitcoin is now a global phenomenon that has attracted not just support from investors and corporations of all types, but also the attention of world leaders.

The hearings could generate debilitating uncertainty, but at the same time they would push the conversation even further along the path of regulatory clarity, and the resulting decisions on limits to federal power, the freedom inherent in code and even an official recognition of the potential of cryptocurrency will impact tech development at all levels.

Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group, the first AI self-adaptive education brand of Asia-Pacific region, turns up in the globally largest AI summit

LONDON, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From June 12 to 13, 2019, The AI Summit, the globally largest AI event, was held in London of the UK.

She delivered a speech to introduce the development experience and brand success of Squirrel AI Learning and shared the successful AI application experience and scenarios of the enterprise with the audiences as other renowned tech leaders from different industries, such as Caroline Gorski, the director of R²

El-Ouazzane, vice president and chief operation officer of the AI product division of Intel, Dr. Joseph Aoun, the president of Northeastern University, a renowned private research-based university of the US, Cassie Kozyrkov, the chief decision-making scientist with Google, and Ryan Den Rooijen, the global data service director of Dyson.

Its self-adaptive learning system can mine the learning data of students, plan a learning path for them through the limitless computing power and intelligent analysis of AI and offer personalized tutoring based on the index data spectrum of the students.

Through splitting of knowledge points at the most basic level and the accurate analysis and diagnosis of AI, Squirrel AI Learning can judge the knowledge mastery of the students, realize targeted teaching and knowledge map of error cause reconstruction and identify the non-relevant knowledge points, thus turning education into a science that can be defined, measured and imparted.

In several man-machine battles held in China, the teaching team of Squirrel AI Learning helped each student to learn 42 knowledge points in eight hours on average, far better than the human teaching team that helped each student to learn 28 knowledge points in eight hours on average.

In terms of technical advantages, Squirrel AI Learning has numerous world's first AI application technologies, such as MCM capability value training, knowledge map of error cause reconstruction, knowledge point splitting at the most basic level, relevance probability of non-relevance knowledge points, and MIB.

Liang mentioned in her speech that in recent years, the entire education sector has witnessed the emerging of a batch of education companies focusing on such aspects as voice recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, big data analysis, knowledge mapping and AI self-adaptive learning.

Liang said, 'In revolutionizing the traditional education, the core of AI is to fundamentally change the substance of teaching and provide students with personalized quality education from the contents of teaching, to the accuracy of knowledge imparting, to the real-time monitoring and evaluation of the learning process.'

Yet if we build a learning system centered on every student based on artificial intelligence, we will be able to customize a learning plan according to the learning speed of every kid, get an accurate persona of the kid and make a comprehensive judgment on the kid through knowledge mapping and information theory.

Using the self-adaptive learning system of Squirrel AI Learning, underachievers can also master the learning methods and skills of excellent students, including intuitive judgment capacity and tripartite theory, thus truly mastering the learning capabilities with a lifelong benefit.

In four years, Squirrel AI Learning has accessed the data of nearly 2 million students and opened nearly 2,000 learning centers in more than thirty provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government of China.

In 2018, the headquarters of Squirrel AI Learning and its campuses nationwide earned nearly 1 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 500% in the past three years.At The AI Summit held in London, Squirrel AI Learning, as a typical enterprise in the AI+ education of China, showed the strength of China in AI+ education to the world through its actual achievements and made more people understand the benefits brought by AI empowered education.

Though at that time the prime minister had no idea that artificial intelligence could be applied so widely today, it was obviously a pioneering action of artificial intelligence for him to establish the Office for National Statistics in 1941, which was a move to 'guarantee the consistency of statistical information among different departments'.

Relying on its universities with world-leading academic strength, excellent financing channels and trustworthy public institutions such as NHS, the UK has the confidence to become a leader in the development of artificial intelligence in the coming years.

The British government has provided a comprehensive package of skills ranging from lifetime digital skills training to digital skills cooperation and then to the computer science course improved by schools.

The UK has invested 84 million pounds to establish a new national computer education center led by British technical experts, which provides the teachers with the disciplinary knowledge and support for the cultivation of the next generation of talents.

From the setting of goals by leaders, to inspection of analyzers and decision-makers to the data collection provided by engineers, the tests and operations need to be finished by statisticians and reliable engineers in accordance with the security rules.

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