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It’s no news that machines are getting smarter by the year, but, even then, there are still things that are assumed to be achieved exclusively through human intellect, foremost of which is the creation of art.

Employing the same kind of software our smartphones use to track our text input and anticipate what we will type, Sharp and Goodwin fed the program screenplays of various science-fiction films ranging from Brazil to Minority Report as well as random seeds from a sci-fi filmmaking contest.

Virtually every line is a non-sequitur, and if not for the power of the human performances and the poignancy of the human-composed music (the lyrics were written by the software, but the melody by Tiger + Man is what gives meaning to the song), we would have been hard-pressed to follow the narrative even on a second-to-second basis.

A movie scripted entirely by a computer, but don't freak out just yet...

Not long ago I interviewed an expert in artificial intelligence and he said something that stopped me cold: "Many of the newspaper articles you see today are written by machines."

Their most recent effort is the short sci-fi film "Sunspring"starring longtime Chicago improviser Thomas Middleditch and made from a screenplay written entirely by a computer they dubbed Jetson.

The resulting eight-minute film (available on YouTube) and the love triangle/workplace fever dream at its core is funny but also mesmerizingly off-kilter and, at points, weirdly poetic — as if it were (as one commenter noted) a bizarro mashup of "Solaris"

If you look at the screenplay itself and you consider that the grammatical form of the dialogue is one person addressing another or asking a question, and then look at the action description passages — what people call the stage directions — it's written in the grammar and style of dialogue or description.

What I was looking for was the day it got good enough — that it had brewed its model long enough, really — that when an actor saw the script, they would be able to perform it without tearing their brain in two.

Goodwin and Sharp used their machine to generate an entire script, but neither anticipates technology replacing human writers altogether.

he said, "this technology is about pushing fiction forward into a new domain, where we get stories that we really haven't seen before, because so much of what comes out of Hollywood and so much that we read are the same stories, recycled over and over again.

Goodwin sent over a few examples, including this one: "Set in the world of study disease, the film captures the personal journey of a young boy who must rely on his father's desire to become a woman who knows the power to trust him.

In an attempt to help his friends and family find himself in a tragic dark twist of fate, he is forced to confront his own demons while struggling to find a way to survive."


Sunspring is a 2016 experimental science fiction short film entirely written by an artificial intelligence bot using neural networks.[1]

It stars Thomas Middleditch, Elisabeth Grey, and Humphrey Ker as three people, namely H, H2, and C, living in a future world and eventually connecting with each other through a love triangle.

The script of the film was authored by a recurrent neural network called long short-term memory (LSTM) by an AI bot named Benjamin.

Sunspring narrates the story of three people - H (Middleditch), H2 (Grey), and C (Ker) - set in a futuristic world and entangled with murder and love.[4]

It was trained to write the screenplay by feeding it with a corpus of dozens of sci-fi screenplays found online—mostly movies from the 1980s and 90s.[3][5]

The film contains a song from Brooklyn-based electro-acoustic duo Tiger and Man, with lyrics written by Benjamin using a database of 30,000 folk songs.

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