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The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work for IT Operations

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How smart is today's artificial intelligence?

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The Human Advantage Over AI - Artificial Intelligence

Be sure to check out Ruby® Receptionists. They are the only virtual receptionist service dedicated to creating personal connections with your callers—building ...

AI or Artificial Intelligence | Blonde Dictionary

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the result of scientists trying to recreate how humans think: enabling machines to learn and solve problems. You use AI enhanced ...

Artificial Intelligence: a Silver Bullet in Cyber Security? CPX 360 Keynote

Artificial Intelligence is the Industrial Revolution of our time. Presented by Orli Gan, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, Threat Prevention at ...

EMA AI Rants - Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Critical for IT Operations Today

In today's world of massively complex hybrid application environments, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are the core technologies many of us ...

AI as a Force for Good | Matt Coatney | TEDxDayton

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve the lives of cancer patients? Can it reduce crime? Could AI streamline aid distribution around the world to ease hunger ...

Artificial Intelligence AI - The Future of Technology.

AI Artificial Intelligence is a science of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs. it is a way of making computer, computer controlled robot or ...

Artificial Intelligence (தமிழ் ) - Part 1 : Introduction

Update: Sathyan has started a new channel called Tink. Check: and This is an Introductory video for .

Panel discussion on the future of artificial intelligence

I was recently invited to moderate a discussion at the excellent Fuel 2017 technology and innovation conference, hosted by Belgian media company Medialaan.