AI News, The 6 Most Amazing AI Advances in Agriculture

The 6 Most Amazing AI Advances in Agriculture

But although many of us might think that the agricultural community is behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies, there is lots of evidence that farmers are actually moving quite quickly to modernize almost everything about the farming process –

companies are already producing robotic harvesting equipment, partially in response to labor gaps that have left farmers scrambling to harvest crops like fruits and berries.

You can see a lot of this at work in documentation from companies like Harvest Croo, which has produced an autonomous strawberry picking machine, and Abundant Technologies, where a vacuum apparatus harvests mature apples from trees.

In some trade journals, you can see unmanned aerial vehicles or drones being outfitted with precision sensors, in order to run the fields and get the data that's needed.

These airborne surveillance engines can look for stunted crops, signs of pest or weed damage, dryness and many other variables that are part of the difficulty of farming in general.

With all of this data in hand, farmers can enhance their production models and their strategies across the lay of the land to decrease risk, waste and liability.

So by deploying mobile technologies with AI and computer vision built in, farmers can find weeds and eradicate them, instead of blanket spraying an entire crop.

Despite some concerns about the difficulty of doing this type of analysis in nature, farmers and others have been able to make quite a lot of headway in maximizing crop yield, simply by applying the algorithms and intelligence generators that we've built to help computers imitate our own cognitive abilities.

We're hoping that these specialized farming chatbots are a little more capable than Alexa, since the current consumer technology basically provides encyclopedic facts and figures and not much else.

However, if they're packed with the right answers and analytics information, the farmer’s chatbot could be a real boon to busy farm managers who are doing all they can to expand and grow their businesses.

Population growth and climate change will be massive challenges, but artificial intelligence deployment can help blunt the impact of these and other challenges, and make smart farming much more resistant to the problems that farmers face.

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