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NGMN Recommendations on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) to the European Commission

5G will not only deliver dramatically increased network capacity and faster connection speeds, it will ultimately bring a step change in the capability of networks to deliver new mobile applications like AR/VR and enriched content.

Where today networks deliver basically the same service to everyone everywhere, 5G will deliver tailored capabilities and performance for a specific use case at a given point in time and location.

NR (new radio) and MEC (edge computing) are key enablers for low latency and high speed while a virtualized core, based on NFV and SDN, supports network slicing to adapt to user demands.

Their requirements on URLLC cannot be delivered by today’s The objectives for 4G primarily had to do with data throughput and cost per bit to support mobile broadband (residential) end-users.

We are looking forward to continuing our close and very successful cooperation with ETSI to jointly deliver the huge potential that 5G offers to the benefit of the mobile ecosystem.

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