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Infinite text adventure AI Dungeon is now available on iOS and Android

Responses to each input still take a few seconds to process, which rather slows the experience, but it’s definitely quicker than the web version was, and each interaction with the AI is as surprising (and frequently delightful) as before.

There are also helpful tips for newcomers, reminding you to start each of your text commands with a verb, or use quotation marks to indicate when someone is speaking.

“I thought people would enjoy it but I’ve been really blown away by how much,” he says, adding that reading users’ play-throughs “never gets old,” as each person works with or against the AI in a different way.

Do with that information what you will.) And after that, Walton says he and his new colleagues have “much bigger plans” in the AI game world, but won’t say what right now.

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There have been many methods proposed for text generating, but recurrent network dominates natural language processing with a key component: the perception of time.

However the network does not just predicts the most probable word, instead it randomly chooses one of the few most probable token, hence the generating part.

RNN process input according to the sequence of time, so the network can naturally understand time, thus the superior performance compared to other networks.

Language modelling is an actively researched field in the AI community, and recently the model GPT-2 have achieved a breakthrough in language modelling accuracy, producing almost human like text with a special component added, the attention layer.

As GPU don't have unlimited memory, language model usually limits the input token size to a specific number, padding or trimming to this number.

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