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Testing My New Robot Body

Transcript of Video Erico Guizzo: Early this year, I showed up to work with a new body.

borrowed this robot from a company in California called Anybots, which sells each unit for US $15 000.

Several other companies are selling telepresence robots, and they're being touted as the future of work.

My QB arrived in New York in a huge plastic box, and it came with a human companion: Anybots engineer Erin Rapacki.

It's not exactly plug and play: Rapacki had to load batteries on the robot and configure its computer so it could work on our network.

I could hear better, and when I talked, people looked at the robot, so I felt like they were paying attention to me.

But my favorite interactions were the informal ones, when I just went to see my coworkers at their offices or when I ran into them in the corridors.

They won't replace other videoconference systems, and they won't replace most travel anytime soon.