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For example, if input_min is -1.0f and input_max is 1.0f, and we are dealing with quint16 quantized data, then a 0 value in the 16-bit data should be interpreted as -1.0f, and a 65535 means 1.0f.

That means only half the range is actually needed, all the float interpretations are between -0.5f and 0.5f, so if we want to compress the data into a quint8 output, we can use that range rather than the theoretical -1.0f to 1.0f that is suggested by the input min and max.

In practice, this is most useful for taking output from operations like QuantizedMatMul that can produce higher bit-depth outputs than their inputs and may have large potential output ranges, but in practice have a distribution of input values that only uses a small fraction of the possible range.

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