AI News, Tell me Alexa, is this just an artificial case of gender bias? artificial intelligence

The sexism of AI reflects the reality of the tech industry

For those still sceptical about the significance of a soothing timbre, there are the findings of a recent Unesco report that examines the implications of the charming feminine voice that almost all virtual assistants have been blessed with.

The report noted that technology companies justify the use of obliging female voices by citing surveys that show that this is what consumers of both sexes prefer.

Little wonder then that these virtual assistants ensure that they never lose their “submissive”, “flirtatious” tone, while “deflecting” or giving “lackluster or apologetic” responses to insults and gendered expletives hurled at them.

These docile, virtual creatures can have a very real impact — linking women with the virtuous idea of pliant assistance, thereby leading to real women being penalized for being assertive.

But man — literally — is the father of machines, and artificial intelligence is a mere reflection of deeper gender disparities in the world of technology.

The reason was that the data set used to train the tool came from a constituency of overwhelmingly male employees, leading the machine to think that they are more desirable as candidates.

Wendy Grace: 'Tell me Alexa, is this just an artificial case of gender bias?' -

Female victimhood is now so pervasive that artificial intelligence could impact our ongoing combat for equality, and guys are such pigs, with an insatiable need to sexually harass women, that they are going to even do it, if permitted, to a robot with a female persona.

Women might like to convince themselves that diversity will cause amendment, except that hasn't happened: for example, when it comes to ladies's magazines, which are made up normally of adverts featuring suggestive photos of girls in submissive and sexualised poses, these are often edited and put together via ladies and typically study by means of them.

It is complicated to think of elements and advantage being spent in this way when you believe the various problems affecting girls in UN nations these days - locations where ladies don't have complete access to schooling, aren't allowed to drive, or where gender-primarily based violence is a huge difficulty.

Ultimately an individual who receives their kicks from asking an algorithm to 'talk soiled' to them has a whole lot of avenues to indulge such wants, and the notion that we will amendment atypical behaviour by adjusting computing device code in those machines is absurd.

So perhaps we will be fighting other battles, like as opposed to pondering whether that you would be able to sexually harass code, analysing the foundation causes as to why sexual harassment in the precise international is going down in the first vicinity.

Last week it became stated that just one-third of folks study a bedtime story to their infants, with a quarter of parents asking contraptions like Alexa to study their toddlers a bedtime tale.

There will at all times be impacts in an effort to try and compete with my aspiration of authentic equality and admire between the sexes, but I may reasonably spend my time and energy within the actual international, identifying what media I consume, and specializing in my relationships and interactions with my circle of relatives, friends, and peers than on attempting to salary war in opposition t these interestingly misogynistic machines.


One of the plus things about waiting around in hospitals for scans and reviews is that there is nothing to be done, so I use the time to read the newspaper and do the Times 2 crossword and drink coffee.

The article started by saying that the United Nations has said that AI [artificial intelligence not the farming version of AI] assistants with female voices are fuelling gender bias and reinforcing the patriarchy with submissive and coquettish responses to men. I

you ask Siri 'Are you male of female' it answers 'Well my voice sounds like a woman's but I exist beyond your human concept of gender.'

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