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How Machine Learning drives business in Telecom? - Mukesh Jain

AI for Telecom

Discussing AI applications in Telecom Sector.

WHAT'S NEXT. | Artificial Intelligence - Use Cases

Marijn Markus and Ron Tolido talk about use cases for AI. Missed the first video of the WHAT'S NEXT. Artificial Intelligence series? ➜

Intelligent Networks: Verizon on Machine Learning and Automated Networks

At ONS 2017, Raghuram Parvataneni, Specialist at Verizon, speaks with Abe Nejad about how IoT and increased data consumption is making the process of ...

Studio Interview Series: AI in Telecom - How To Get Ready for the Zero-Touch Customer Experience

Special thanks to @EricssonDigital and Ericsson to provide the opportunity for the interview. You can download the "The zero-touch customer experience" report ...

What Cisco Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Can do for the Network with JP Vasseur

JP Vasseur, PhD, Cisco Fellow, discusses how after 30 years of research and progress in the area of Artificial Intelligence, the number of applications is growing ...

TWS17: Machine Learning & Applications

Moderators: Constantine Caramanis | Associate Professor, Univ. of Texas at Austin Alex Dimakis | Associate Professor, Univ. of Texas at Austin Joydeep Ghosh ...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Smart City Networks

Automated networks are essential for smart cities. A key enabler is the use of AI techniques and ML to drive network automation. AI and ML have seen a ...

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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Machine Learning on Telecom Churn

Python Machine Learning Heavy lags due to screen recorder.