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Health care democratization underway, according to second annual Stanford Medicine Health Trends Report

Building on last year's findings about the emergence and changing role of data in medicine, the latest report takes a deeper look at how using and sharing data will transform research, the practice of medicine and the role patients play in their own health care.

The report reflects a comprehensive review and analysis of existing health care research and publicly available data on the current and emerging trends facing the health care sector, combined with insights from Stanford faculty and external health care experts.

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A team from MIT developed an AI robot to assist with labor, and found that its recommendations were accepted 90 percent of the time and a clinical trial of INFANT used constant fetal monitoring data to assist midwives and obstetricians in making decisions.

Moscow-based researcher Eugenia Kuyda developed an AI app that uses data such as text messages to help people connect with lost loved ones or even create a fictional entity for companionship.

— ANALYTICS INDIA MAGAZINE 10. Bristol-based businesses Tiny Giant and Sharpshooter trained a machine learning system on hundreds of cupcake recipes and teamed up with Little House Kitchen to make the cupcakes. The five chosen cakes, including 'Vanilla, Guinness and Marmalade,' 'Coriander and Poached Pear,' and 'Blueberry with a Twig and Wire Dusting,' were served at the I'll Be Back event hosted by Tiny Giant on Dec. 6.