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'Session 15- More human than human: artificial intelligence in the archives'

'Session 15- More human than human: artificial intelligence in the archives' by Dr Gregory Rolan, Glen Humphries, Lisa Jeffrey and Tatiana Antsoupova (ASA ...

Scholars Harness AI And Grunt Work To Unlock Mysterious Vatican Archives

A new project is using cutting-edge technology to unlock ancient Vatican secrets. It involves artificial intelligence, countless documents, multiple universities, and ...

Webinar - How Artificial Intelligence brings value to your existing archives using Elvis DAM

AI-powered Elvis DAM unveils hidden content treasures and reduces production costs As a publisher, you're constantly challenged to create compelling content ...

What is AI? - Artificial Intelligence current state

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence): This video is an explanation of the definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the 3 main categories: ASI (Artificial Superintelligence) ...

The big debate about the future of work, explained

Why economists and futurists disagree about the future of the labor market. Subscribe to our channel! Sources: ..

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction | Detroit: Become Human | Hello Future Me

Hello Future Me dissects the structure and themes of artificial intelligence from Detroit: Become Human. Subscribe to Hello Future Me!

Artificial Intelligence: Context of application of AI

AI can drive the Digital Transformation of legacy systems in the Oil & Gas industry.

The truth about Artificial Intelligence in HR

In this video I share some relevant research on AI, and the more interesting business scenario with regards to HR - automation in a cost reduction context.