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MIT Technology Review

Dinwiddie hopes that by tokenizing his three-year, $34.36 million contract, he will be able to collect its value up front, instead of having to wait.  Dinwiddie plans to sell 90 tokens for $150,000 each to accredited investors.

A league spokesperson issued the following statement yesterday: “Spencer Dinwiddie’s advisors provided us today with new information regarding a modified version of their digital token idea, which we are reviewing to determine whether the updated idea is permissible under league rules.” Keep up with the fast-moving and sometimes baffling world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains with our weekly newsletter Chain Letter. Subscribe here.

At CES 2020, OMRON Showcases Technology Created To Solve Societal Issues And Improve Lives

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global technology leader OMRON Corporation is showcasing the largest range of its technology at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including exhibits of factory automation, social solutions, and healthcare, and showing how the company is developing new offerings to address future issues.

Emphasizing the harmony it has achieved between humans and machines, OMRON invites CES attendees to visit its booth (#26002), talk with experts, and engage with the company's latest innovations in robotics, sensing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Developing Human Potential OMRON's AI-equipped robotics table tennis tutor FORPHEUS – a CES celebrity – returns to demonstrate the evolving ability of machines to help develop human potential.

FORPHEUS displays his perception of his partners' emotions in real-time and will adjust the ball speed of his returns in reaction to the human player's motivation and ability in order to encourage the player's improvement.

"This intelligent technology can be utilized to teach skills and unleash human potential and can be used to save lives in settings such as nursing homes, where assessing emotions is critical for timely response."

The OMRON booth features robots, manufacturing equipment and sensors designed to improve worker safety and satisfaction, boost efficiency, and produce higher quality products.

The OMRON all-in-one Environment Sensor measures multiple environmental conditions – including temperature and heat stroke risk factor, humidity, light, UV index, noise level, barometric pressure, seismic activity and air quality – while the Human Motion Sensor detects the presence of humans (without sharing biometric data or determining individual identity) to improve process and production efficiency.

The latest OMRON robots and sensors appear alongside popular OMRON automation technology from past shows, including OMRON mobile robots and a laser engraver, which help meet growing consumer demand for customized products, and a pick and place machine which manages fine detail work with speed and accuracy.  "Each of the OMRON automation technologies at CES demonstrate the 'three I's' that we believe represent the future of manufacturing – integrated, intelligent and interactive,"

* In games, Meta-AI observes the characters, environment and players all together over time, and then uses the information to adapt the general strategies for enemies, non-player characters, terrain, weather and more in the game.

Cloud Cyber Security Expo

Cloud Expo Europe, the UK's biggestand best attended technology event, returnson 11-12March 2020at ExCeL London.

Cloud Expo Europe is the UK’s leading event forconnecting technologists, business leaders and senior business managers with experts, solutions and services to help accelerate digital transformation plans.

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