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Top 10 Productive Healthcare Technology Trends in 2019

Gone are the days when getting a health checkup done used to be a complex task.

Driven by better customer experience, the healthcare industry is taking a huge shift and exploring the potentials of digital technology.

Technology is the future of healthcare and 2019 - 20 onwards going to be crucial years to mark the digital revolutions.

It helps patients get the best treatment solutions, and doctors can utilize all their skills to provide faster and better treatment service.

Most importantly, we are witnessing the digital revolution which is going to offer faster, better and cheaper health solutions.

More than that, the evolution of trending technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT are to make treatment and healthcare management including security significantly cheaper, smooth and robust.

Healthcare tech is continually evolving, and you can find plenty of digital tools, frameworks, and technologies based on healthcare.

In simple term, patients don't need to wait for one day, two days or a week -results will be available on-the-spot.

For instance, if a patient changes doctors or visits a specialist, he/she needs to carry a file which can be most frustrating to prepare the report.

Apart from that, blockchain helps healthcare in changing data collections, fixing digital display advertising, and ownership and security of digital assets.

Innovating Healthcare The distributed ledger technology -Blockchain establishes a collective approach to the large healthcare industry and keeps the complex team-based hospital connected, ensuring robust security while sharing data among parties.

Safe access to public and private data, proof of work and keeping teams organized enhances the integrity of the healthcare industry.

data which can be tampered and stolen while blockchain using cryptographic technology provides robust authentication using a digital signature.

More than 18% of searches are done through voice, and people prefer voice tool to search for locations, nearby, hotel, restaurants, hospitals, doctors and much more.

Therefore, optimizing your marketing campaigns and landing pages for voice search will help you reach your clients quickly and better way.

Integrating AI in Chatbot Solutions, helps healthcare to provide solution-based machinery which makes evidence-based responses to FAQs and help doctors get process more straightforward and secure manner.

Chatbots can provide endless services to healthcare industry whether its customer service, inventory management or potential diagnosis of mild conditions.

Statista says that the number of telehealth patients grew to around seven million by 2018 and the number is rapidly increasing.

Hospitals are getting immense benefits as they reduce readmission rates by providing real-time monitoring to patients from outside office.

In short, cloud computing means helping healthcare process functions smoothly without caring for the server, storage, and data security.

AR helps doctors learn some of the most complicated and dangerous procedures such as heart surgery and other treatment process that too without involving any human being.

AR and VR, on the other hand, can help Alzheimer's and dementia patients get back the lost memories and help them get back the time they seem to forget.

In the healthcare sector, data science and predictive analytics help practitioners save patients from getting affected by chronic diseases or from ancestral issues.

It clearly shows that data science and predictive analysis help to organize and store data in the right manner.

Doctors can utilize the resources to access files and family and ancestral data and can be analyzed to find an effective cure to diagnose chronic diseases.

There are thousands of people who are struggling or are suffering from dangerous diseases which happened due to the family diseases history.

Crypto Perma-Bear Ridicules Rally, Warns Bitcoin Price Will ‘Collapse’

But as the bitcoin bubble swelled in late 2017, ICOs became synonymous with predation: get-rich-quick schemes that involved taking money from anyone who was willing, in return for worthless crypto tokens.

It’s listed alongside two other investors that together hold a stake valued at about $11 million, purchased in an earlier token sale (Harvard’s exact share wasn’t disclosed).

Though a few big institutions, including Yale and two Virginia pension plans, have invested in crypto-focused funds, Harvard’s involvement is unusual in that it appears to have taken a direct interest in the tokens of a blockchain network.

In addition to raising cash, they’re a good way to get lots of people involved with your decentralized network—users and developers who then have a stake in seeing it grow.

As SEC director of corporate finance William Hinman put it last year, Ethereum was “sufficiently decentralized,” with a large community and no central entity, to make its token more like a commodity such as gold.

With the SEC’s crackdown, restricting offerings in this way has become a more popular choice for blockchain startups, says Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at Coin Center, a blockchain think tank.

Typically, companies sell their tokens to venture capitalists and large institutions with the expectation that their project will go live someday and the platform will be deemed “sufficiently decentralized,” as Ethereum was.

“You’re cutting out a lot of users for your token because an accredited investor is going to be a rarefied person and not necessarily using the token on your platform,” says Van Valkenburgh.

I think it’s a big deal for [the SEC], because as soon as they approve a project it sets a precedent for what they’re looking for.” Otherwise, he says, they’ll look to offer their tokens elsewhere, blocking customers from the US.

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venture capital investment in AI doubled to $12 billion in 2017 and jumped to $40 billion in 2018.

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Artificial Intelligence is the great healthcare equalizer

Today, a woman being screened for breast cancer in a rural environment has limited chances of finding disease early compared to a woman going to an urban breast cancer center that performs more than 300 screenings a day.

I believe that next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain will change this by democratizing healthcare and providing access to care in any setting – opening up possibilities for patients and providers alike.

As trained clinicians become a diminishing and unsustainable resource, virtual care, connected health systems and powerful data analytics offer the promise of a universal standard of patient care.

As the industry shifts to value-based care, we need to bring healthcare closer to patients and make sure those who have imaging performed in rural areas can benefit from expert, “virtual” analysis independent of where the radiologist is located geographically.

In North America and Europe, a ‘hub and spoke’ model for healthcare systems is emerging, through which care is delivered primarily through ambulatory channels and outpatient clinics with a focus on better prevention and out-of-hospital care, reserving hospital visits for complex care cases.

Machine learning can find patterns in patient admission and discharges to determine which patient categories tend to overstay in hospitals – a major expense for providers – and reduce patients’ stays accordingly.

By finding patterns based on large subsets of data, AI lends greater precision to segmenting patients based on risk levels and identifying a proactive course of action to treat those deemed high-risk patients.

The future of healthcare rests on AI As with any new technology, AI comes with questions about safety, privacy and possible repercussions of combining machine systems with care delivered by humans.Adoption won’t be rapid, and there will be periods of testing to determine exactly what the technology can do and how efficiently and safely it can do it.

But I believe if you look ahead to the next five years, the course of healthcare will shift drastically – driven by economic necessity – towards standardized care regardless the setting, more accessible care, virtual solutions and experts who can provide consultation on cases around the world.

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