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This Big Facebook Critic Fears Tech’s Business Model

Early in the 2000s, the burgeoning companies of Web 2.0, like Google, Paypal, and Facebook, began “blitz-scaling.” And as they quickly grew, they operated from a different value system, McNamee said, which basically said “none of us is responsible for the disruptions that we create.” The founders of these companies collected loads of personal data to fuel their own growth and profits and thought it was OK.

And understand this isn’t really about Facebook.” McNamee said his concerns began with Facebook because he knows it best, “but this is a problem that is endemic in a world where the business model is about tracking human beings, claiming eminent domain on their personal data, using it for behavioral prediction, and then using the tools of machine learning and AI to steer people toward outcomes that make those predictions more valuable.” McNamee said he is especially concerned because users, and society, have not had a chance to debate whether companies should gather information and profit from people’s financial transactions, health data, or location.

And there’s a lot of history that says that’s a model that we don’t want.” Asked about Elizabeth Warren’s recent proposal to break up the big tech companies, McNamee called it “brilliant.” In response to another question, McNamee said he is advising Warren’s team, as well as consulting with the campaigns of two other Democratic presidential candidates, Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker.

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