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Two years after beginning our joint work, we are happy to welcome five new partners that also want to play a proactive role in ensuring the implementation of human rights, democracy and the Rule of Law online: ICCO, an organisation which gathers 3000 public relations consulting firms and associations around the world, which harmonises professional practices in this field and which developed instruments such as the Guidelines on ethics in digital communication;


The Workshop on Assured Autonomous Systems (WAAS) plans to address the gap that exists between theory-heavy autonomous systems and algorithms and the privacy, security, and safety of their real-world implementations.

Key technical challenges include discriminating between application-layer data breaches and benign process noises, responding to breaches and failures in real-time systems, and recovering from decision making failures autonomously.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Software as a Medical Device

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have the potential to transform health care by deriving new and important insights from the vast amount of data generated during the delivery of health care every day.

real-world examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies include: Adaptive artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies differ from other software as a medical device (SaMD) in that they have the potential to adapt and optimize device performance in real-time to continuously improve health care for patients.

The ideas described in the discussion paper leverage practices from our current premarket programs and rely on IMDRF’s risk categorization principles, the FDA’s benefit-risk framework, risk management principles described in the software modifications guidance, and the organization-based total product lifecycle approach (also envisioned in the Digital Health Software Precertification (Pre-Cert) Program).

This plan would include the types of anticipated modifications—referred to as the “Software as a Medical Device Pre-Specifications”—and the associated methodology being used to implement those changes in a controlled manner that manages risks to patients —referred to as the “Algorithm Change Protocol.” In this approach, the FDA would expect a commitment from manufacturers on transparency and real-world performance monitoring for artificial intelligence and machine learning-based software as a medical device, as well as periodic updates to the FDA on what changes were implemented as part of the approved pre-specifications and the algorithm change protocol.

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Highlights from TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2019 at Zellerbach Hall in UC Berkeley.

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