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'Superhuman' AI Crushes Poker Pros At Six-Player Texas Hold'em

Computer scientists have developed a card-playing bot, called Pluribus, capable of defeating some of the world’s best players at six-person no-limit Texas hold’em poker, in what’s considered an important breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

In a series of contests, Pluribus handedly defeated its professional human opponents, at a level the researchers described as “superhuman.” When pitted against professional human opponents with real money involved, Pluribus managed to collect winnings at an astounding rate of $US1000 ($1433) per hour.

“While I am not focused on any particular application, I do think this research can be applied to a wide variety of settings such as cybersecurity, fraud detection, combating adversarial behaviour, and even having a self-driving car navigate traffic,” Brown told Gizmodo.

In all scenarios, Pluribus registered wins with “statistical significance,” and to a degree the researchers referred to as “superhuman.” “We mean superhuman in the sense that it performs better than the best humans,” said Brown, who is completing his Ph.D.

“The bot won by about five big blinds per hundred hands of poker (bb/100) when playing against five elite human professionals, which professionals consider to be a very high win rate.

“It obviously could defeat weaker players, meaning that it is superior to all humans making its performance unquestionably superhuman in this domain.” For Yampolskiy, the achievement was significant because, “unlike chess or Go, the game of Poker has hidden information and the element of luck, meaning you can’t just outcompute humans, you have to outplay them,” he said.

“Poker in particular has been an early sandbox for AI, and to show such a level of dominance in an unrestricted version of poker with many players has been a holy grail of research since the early days of AI.” To create a system capable of proficiently playing six-player no-limit Texas hold’em poker, Brown and Sandholm employed a grab bag of strategies, including new algorithms the duo developed themselves.

In particular, it allows us to reach superhuman performance while only training for the equivalent of less than $US150 ($215) on a cloud computing service, and playing in real time on just two CPUs.” Even with a limited look-ahead strategy, Pluribus was still able to dominate its human opponents.

Some of the strategies used by Pluribus came as a surprise to the researchers, including an unorthodox strategy known as “donk betting,” which happens when a player matches the bet, but then starts the next round with a bet.

Sean Ruane: In a game that will, more often than not, reward you when you exhibit mental discipline, focus, and consistency, and certainly punish you when you lack any of the three, competing for hours on end against an AI bot that obviously doesn’t have to worry about these shortcomings is a gruelling task.

“This means that machines can teach themselves to solve complex problems independently of human supervision.” Yampolskiy wasn’t surprised by how well Pluribus performed, though he would have liked to have seen Pluribus play standard 10-player games, and without having to abide by betting restrictions (unlike its human opponents, Pluribus was not allowed to make bets above $US10,000 ($14,332)).

As to where this type of AI could be applied in the future, Yampolskiy said similar techniques could be used “to outperform humans in negotiations, trading, and game-like competitions such as war strategy.” To which he added, perhaps ominously: “Essentially, any skill which could be represented as a game-like situation can be dominated by superhuman AI.”

'Superhuman' AI Created By Facebook Defeats Pro Players In Six-Sided Poker Game

A Facebook-created AI has defeated six elite professional poker players in a game of Texas hold-em, as reported on Thursday.

NoamiBrown, who works for Facebook's AI team said that the bot'might even change the way pros play the game.'In another experiment, Pluribus went up against 13 contestants, five at a time.According to researchers, out of the10,000playedhands, the programemerged as the ultimate victor.

The program uses an online search algorithm which can predict several moves ahead and practices against itself for games which require hidden information and bluffing techniques.

Chris Ferguson, a World Series Poker championwho tested the early version of the bot, said inacompany blog post:'The bot went from being a beatable mediocre player to competing with the best players in the world in a few weeks.'

Finally AI defeats professional poker players in six-player poker

by CliPhotography Poker is an 'incomplete information game' that fights when the opponent's hand is not revealed, and it is different from a 'complete information game' such as Go or Shogi where all information such as the opponent's game pieces is disclosed.

Science Facebook, Carnegie Mellon build first AI that beats pros in 6-player poker Humans Fold: AI Conquers Poker's Final Milestone-Scientific American The research team of Tuomas Sandholm et al at Carnegie Mellon University developed an AI called ' Libratus ' in 2017 and played 120,000 games against poker professionals.

Artificial intelligence and poker confrontation with 4 professionals are completely won by artificial intelligence-GIGAZINE However, the match played in 2017 was only a one-on-one match between poker and AI, and if there were more people to play with, it would be difficult for AI to win, says Sandholm.

The action is ' check (wait for another player's action without betting chips)' ' bet (betting a chip)' ' raise (betting more chips on another player's bet)' ' call ( There are such things as paying the same amount of chips to the bet and raise of the opponent, participating in the game, and ' folding ' without getting paid to the bet and raise of the opponent.

In practice, two CPUs and 128 GB of memory are used as resources to run Pluribus, but Alpha Go, which beat Go's top イ セ セ 九 9 levels, has 1920 CPUs and 280 It uses as many GPUs as possible, and Pluribus is characterized by its ability to run with very few resources.

The poker pros chosen as the human side are top pros who have earned at least $ 1 million (about 108 million yen) in cash prizes in past poker tournaments, and 15 people rotate to join AI It was said that he played a match.

strength is 'the ability to mix strategies.' If a certain tendency is seen in the play, a professional player can take action and take action, but Pluribus seems to have been able to randomly distribute the playing at a level impossible for humans.

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