AI News, Suitable Technologies Opens Store Staffed Only by Robots

Suitable Technologies Opens Store Staffed Only by Robots

Most of us have gone into a store or restaurant in which the nametags worn by employees identified their hometowns.

But this week, for the first time, I went into a store in which the members of the sales staff weren’t only identified by their hometowns, they were actually working from their hometowns, via telepresence robots.

It was Monday—a generally slow day in this area—and there were few customers, so two of the staff members, Ben Day from in Brooklyn and Alexa Inga in Clayton, Calif.—or actually their robots—were standing just outside the front of the store, idly chatting.

Besides chatting with remote salespeople, store visitors can “get inside” a Beam and drive it around the company’s Kansas City office, or, if they ask nicely, they can set up a time to have a get together at the store with remote friends or colleagues.

So far, the store has hosted groups with people “beaming” in from Finland and France, and is planning a holiday event for some local community members to connect with remote colleagues.

watched passersby politely respond when greeted by a Beam “pilot,” and saw several customers wander in and get into long discussions via telepresence, or be escorted to a station and launched into a hands-on demo on driving one of the robots.

If someone did get away with the hardware, Day would still be in control remotely, and would, he says, be able to “beam” into the device and tell whoever he saw to take it back to the store.

The Store Where Robots Sell Robots

There’s nifty parking assist function that guides the Beam into its charging dock, speed control, and a “party mode” setting that silences the back-facing microphones and reduces the ambient noise—perfect, said Rapacki, for networking receptions and factory visits where loud machinery might interfere with a one-on-one conversation.

The Plus is a smaller and less expensive version designed for personal use—just two hours of battery life—while the Pro has eight hours of battery life and is designed for conversations up to 20 feet away.

He’s friendly and laughs a lot when interacting with customers, particularly when he parks the Beam outside on University Avenue, an artery where Stanford University students mix with families and hipsters.“The Beam frees people up to say things they might not say in person,” said Day who, like Bunfill, fields inane questions and requests for dates adding, “it’s changed the way I talk to people too … I’m more outgoing and courageous.” And there are other perks.

Beam Pro

 Telepresence robots will enable you to do all of that while simultaneously creating more engaging remote experiences, whether for executives jumping in on meetings or scouting out a new store layout, or for companies providing remote tours.  The BeamPro is being used in corporate, manufacturing, medical, and sales environments to increase productivity and reduce costs!  Take advantage of a telepresence robot to conduct corporate training, have a commanding remote presence, conduct company tours, and meet with clients or fellow executives or employees.

Sporting a 17' screen, the Beam telepresence robot has many features distinguishing itself from competitors.  The large screen and more imposing size provide a stronger presence and command greater attention in the workplace.    The robot can be setup to allow auto-activation, where a remote user can use the robot right away, as well as setting up an introduction, where the call from the remote user must be answered.  This answering feature can also be performed through their mobile app, so if a customer wishes to log into your Beam Pro, and attempts to log in from their home, you can accept that call from wherever you are using your Beam mobile app.

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