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Interview: ‘We Are Seeing The Emergence of Mega Cloud,’ Says Nina Hargus, SVP, Global Field & Partner Marketing, Dell EMC

The boundaries of IT are no longer in the IT department, and technology is finding its way to every part of the organisation.

“With the wide range of solutions under the Dell Technologies umbrella, we help to eliminate the apprehensions that customers have towards the choice making process and ensure timely as well as customised solutions for our customer’s digital journey,” she tells Sudhir Chowdhary in a recent interview.

Excerpts: Technologies (mobile devices, social media, Big Data, cloud, etc) created to help make life more fun and manageable now threaten to overwhelm 21st century business.

We are seeing the emergence of the “mega cloud”, which will offer a federated, intelligent view of an entire IT environment, which is why we will need to create multi-cloud innovations in networking, storage, compute, orchestration and customers will have to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to bring automation and insight to a new level from this next generation IT environment.

Dell Technologies provides solutions for every plausible segment of the IT industry and caters to all the eminent macro level enterprise in the world as well as commercial small enterprises.

We excel in propensity modelling, by bringing in 14 elements together to build a narrative about where the customer stands in its contemporary world, what could be better and how can we help them.

UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018 – II]

This indicates the importance of professionals to upskill. Sighting a report by Analytics Vidhya, the article mentioned that banking and financial services are the biggest markets for analytics and data science professionals.

AIM’s top 10 list helps freshers, analytics professionals and data scientists choose the best programme to upskill themselves with skills in AI, ML and deep learning.

UpGrad’s program achieved an overall rating of 4.9/5 which is highest among 15 courses and programs. The rating was based on parameters like course content, pedagogy, and other attributes like faculty, external collaborations, placement assistance, virtual labs, events, LMS, etc.

He says, “In jobs today, we face new challenges on a daily basis and it’s very important to stay updated and possess the right skill-set”. While completing a course from UpGrad, he joined LinkedIn India in operations.

That small step: We used to have one job and one life but now we are moving towards seven-eight jobs in one career as the skills we acquire become redundant faster and individuals have to invest in learning new skills.

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