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Leanne Luce is a designer and technologist who builds wearable systems, new manufacturing processes, and software for the fashion industry.

Leanne has worked at Harvard University and Otherlab on the development of soft actuators and human interfaces for state of the art powered exoskeletons.

While we’re waiting for our copy to arrive, we chatted with Leanne about her book and how she got started with training machine learning models with FloydHub.

You’re at the center of an inherently changing industry — my outdated but potentially coming-back-in-style cargo shorts and Tevas speak to that.

I think there’s sometimes a perception that there is a dividing line between people who care about fashion and people who care about AI or machine learning.

In the fashion industry, AI is touching every piece of the value chain from consumer-side product discovery all the way back to manufacturing.

I studied apparel design and I admire the industry, but I felt immediately after graduating that it was an industry in pain.

When I was trying to learn about AI myself, I kept coming across two types of articles: articles written by people with a technical background full of equations and code, and on the other side of the spectrum business articles that said nothing at all about the underlying technology.

have a 5 year old nephew, I’ll have to try this out on him… machine learning is when humans teach computers to learn and then teach humans something.

You know, getting started with AI and machine learning can often seem intimidating to people without strong backgrounds in math or coding.

I love that your book explicitly does not include any “equations, algorithms, or code.” How are you breaking through these technical jargon barriers for your readers?

As I was writing the book, I knew I wanted to talk about GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) because the fashion industry is such a visual industry and GANs are an exciting area right now in machine learning.

The images that I generated with this model are small images, very gestural and still abstract, but I kind of love how they capture the essence of the Fashion blogger.

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