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FortiSandbox: Zero-day Threat Protection

This test helps emphasize the importance in the automation of the advanced threat response cycle of prevent-detect-mitigate across a number of threat vectors including web, email, and endpoint.

To help organizations assess the effectiveness of these new offerings, ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon (author or the annual Data Breach Investigations Report or DBIR), recently introduced a new independent, Advanced Threat Defense certification, and Email certification.

In the NSS Breach Detection System 2017 test, newly introduced FortiSandbox 2000E blocked 100% of advanced malware delivered over these two vectors and 99% overall offered at the lowest TCO, earning the NSS Labs “Recommended” rating.

Implement P Controller Solution - Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

This video is part of an online course, Intro to Artificial Intelligence. Check out the course here:


Sentiment Analysis integrated within Django webapp along with face detection.

Unlocking the power of ML for your JavaScript applications with TensorFlow.js (TF World '19)

TensorFlow.js is a library for training and deploying machine learning models in the browser and in Node.js, and offers unique opportunities for JavaScript ...

Deploy TensorFlow Estimator API ML Model Using Flask API

In this project we're going to deploy, using a flask API, the TensorFlow Estimator API breast cancer machine learning model we created in a previous video.

Art's vision for voiceDNA™, speech synthesis and recognition, and IoT

As I think about how every aspect of life is being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence and virtualization, voice technologies is one of the most exciting and ...

Appian World 2017: Creating the Next Generation of Smart Apps with Artificial Intelligence

Jason Sims, Product Manager, psHealth Jorge Sanchez, Director - Product Strategy, Appian Artificial Intelligence is here. It is no longer about stories in books or ...

song recognition prediction research by using features extraction

songs are digitally recognized by acoustic fingerprints and it's corresponding searching method, our goal was to minimize the amount of time needed to ...

Building Custom AI Models on Azure using TensorFlow and Keras : Build 2018

Learn how to simplify your Machine Learning workflow by using the experimentation, model management, and deployment services from AzureML.

Serverless Deep Learning with Python

Speaker: Alizishaan Khatri Do you marvel at the idea of production-grade Deep Learning that can scale infinitely in nearly constant time? Using an NLP ...