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Physicians expect almost one-third of their job to be automated by 2040, Stanford Medicine report finds

Doctors say digital technology and data are driving change that will create a different world of medicine in the next couple of decades, a new report from Stanford Medicine finds.

Key trends that are reshaping healthcare include a maturing digital health market, new health laws opening patient access to data and AI gaining regulatory traction for medical use.

While patient outcomes are likely to improve, respondents are divided on whether physician effectiveness will improve and say physician job satisfaction will likely decrease, while healthcare costs likely increase.

When asked to rate the effectiveness of their education to prepare them for these developments, only 18% of current medical students and residents surveyed said that their education was “very helpful.” And 44% of physicians surveyed said their education was either “not very helpful” or “not helpful at all.” The report pointed to the need to modernize curriculum and training programs so current and future physicians can make the most of new technologies.


While NHS results are obtained by two radiologists analysing each X-ray - with a third doctor brought in to look at unclear cases - the AI model was as good as two doctors and better at spotting cancer than a single doctor.  The AI technology - which didn’t have access to patient notes and history, as radiologists currently do - led to a 1.2% reduction in false positives (where a mammogram is incorrectly diagnosed as abnormal) and a 2.7% decrease in false negatives (where cancer is missed).

With more NHS patients turning to private health insurance for surgery, cancer treatment times increasingly being missed and the election causing a huge surge in health insurance enquiries, January is a good time to think about your own health needs and goals.  According to financial information business Defaqto*, 38 out of 51 health insurance products include cancer cover.

Wellness Trends For 2020

Getty It’s a new year, a new decade and a new chance to become your best self.

Home Is The New Fitness Studio In recent years, home fitness equipment has become increasingly more sophisticated—giving you a workout that can rival high-end studios with some of the best instructors.

While Peloton has gone from an insider secret a household name (probably in part to their viral commercial), it’s no longer the only game in town.

With a larger screen and front-facing audio, the user hears every splash and stroke under the guidance of highly trained instructors.

AI is also used in apps such asBabylon, which evaluates symptoms the same way a doctor would, giving users 24/7 access to health care.

NAD is super important as we age because it repairs your cells, increases your metabolism at the cellular level and helps turn all the food and drinks we consume into energy.

Red Light Therapy Biohacking became a buzzword in the 2010s, with red light therapy, in particular, starting to emerge as a trend.Red light can helpboost energy, mood and fitness, as well as the appearance of the skin, and sleep quality.

While red light therapy has become more available in medical settings, we will see more consumer products hitting the market in the next decade, much of which is being pioneered by BioLight.

Even for those who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, choosing plant-based meats can be a far better choice than a typical burger (especially when it comes to fast food).

No longer confused for THC, which is the substance in a hemp plant that causes a high or euphoric feeling, CBD has numerous benefits including pain and anxiety relief.

While vapes, tinctures, muscle balms, and beauty will still be big categories for CBD in the upcoming year, the edible market will likely begin to evolve the most with the addition of new niche products.Potlifor example, which already offers CBD raw honey and apple cider vinegar, will be launching an infused sriracha.

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