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Fontana Unified School District

This year, students and educators alike will strive to reach new levels of achievement, inspiring a culture of innovation that prepares us to meet the academic and professional challenges of the future.

Fontana Unified is proud to continually expand strategic partnerships locally and globally, providing opportunities for students to develop future-focused skills to lead in a changing world.

Fontana Unified continues excellent foundational learning opportunities, including dual-language immersion, socio-emotional support systems, and STEAM programs that contribute to a well-rounded and engaging education.

Artificial Intelligence Full Course | Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka

Machine Learning Engineer Masters Program: This Edureka video on "Artificial ..

Artificial Intelligence Progress 2019.

A I Progress . Nserve shows a 30 minute Documentary on the progress of Artificial Intelligence. How close are we for Robots with this Intel ? and are we ready for ...

How artificial intelligence will change your world in 2019, for better or worse

From a science fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives, artificial intelligence is everywhere. You probably don't see AI at work, and that's by design.

CES 2019: AI robot Sophia goes deep at Q&A

CES2019 AI GOES DEEP Things get strange - sometimes existential - when Hanson Robotics AI Sophia fields questions from the audience, a religious ...

Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI | A WIRED Film

Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI,” examines the extraordinary ways in which people are interacting with AI today. Hobbyists and teenagers are now ...

AI can do THIS!??! - Art & Animation with Artificial Intelligence

nVidia AI Environments: EB Synth AI Video: Download my video frames here: .

Artificial Intelligence: An Inhuman Future? | Full Panel Discussion | Oxford Union

SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ▻ Oxford Union on Facebook: Oxford Union on Twitter: .

Artificial intelligence: What the tech can do today

Is the artificial intelligence we see in science fiction movies at all realistic? Many tech industry experts believe the idea of a superintelligent or sentient AI is ...


Nearmap AI is more than a model. We've built an integrated AI system to delivery continental-scale insights across hundreds of millions of images from the past ...

What Is Artificial Intelligence? Crash Course AI #1

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it's already making a huge impact on our lives. It's autocompleting texts on our cellphones, telling us which videos to ...