AI News, Start-up Profile: CyPhy Works Builds Tethered Drones for Soldiers, First Responders

Start-up Profile: CyPhy Works Builds Tethered Drones for Soldiers, First Responders

To give them that capability, start-up CyPhy Works is making tethered aerial drones that can fly for hours and stream high-quality video.

CyPhy Works’ drones rely instead on a microfilament that tethers the flying robot to a computer and small battery pack carried by the user.

The hairlike filament includes a fiber-optic cable, and it unspools from a small bobbin on the robot, so it doesn’t restrict the drone, England says.

The drones can send back a high-definition video feed and communicate with users even when they’re deep inside a building, says founder and CEO Helen Greiner.

She says the larger aerial reconnaissance robots could act like personal satellites for monitoring and security at fuel refineries and industrial plants, as well as bridges and other infrastructure.

Bilal Zuberi, a partner at Lux Capital, which has invested over $5 million in CyPhy Works, says the company’s tethered approach is needed because batteries will not evolve anytime soon.

“Helen’s work and successes show she is a real engineering entrepreneur who has lived in and out of the robotics world.” The market for CyPhy Works’ drones could be huge, he adds.


While the current fleet of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems deployed by the U.S. Army equip a vital need, their flight time is limited.  CyPhy Works’s PARC is a portable, tethered drone that has the ability to perform long-endurance flights, potentially lasting hundreds of hours.

and can fly for as long as they need it.” The PARC was designed to meet U.S. Soldier requirements in the field for force protection (FP), as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).  “The REF procured a system to help assess possible solutions to a validated requirement we received from a deployed unit,” said Army Lt. Col.

“The intent is to assess and understand new technology in the realm of persistent, elevated ISR.” Commercial applications for the PARC system include facility and event security, deploying communications equipment, and overhead inspection.

About Army Rapid Equipping Force: Reporting directly to the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, the REF provides innovative materiel solutions to initially meet the urgent requirements of U.S. Army forces employed globally, and to inform material development for the future force.

CyPhy Works

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REF to Deploy More PARC Drones

PARC, a tethered drone, addresses the need for a persistent eye-in-the-sky by flying for days at a time.  Serving soldiers worldwide, the REF identifies emerging capability gaps and finds rapidly deployable solutions to current military operations around the world.

While the current fleet of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems deployed by the military is filling a vital need, their flight time is measured in minutes.  All are susceptible to jamming and electrical interference.  CyPhy Works’ PARC is a portable tethered drone that has the ability to perform long-endurance flights lasting hundreds of hours.

“PARC was created to bring a range of capability needed most by our servicemen and women in the most austere locations worldwide.  Being asked to provide more PARC systems is both a humbling and proud time for everyone at CyPhy Works.” The current version of the PARC is designed to meet military requirements in the field for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Force Protection (FP).

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