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2019: Artificial intelligence starts to blossom across telecom industry

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our 2019 Preview, which looks at the big topics facing the industry next year.

Click here for the 2019 preview in the wireless industry, click here for the 2019 preview in the video industry, and click here for the 2019 preview in the wireline industry.

RELATED: CenturyLink banks on machine learning, artificial intelligence for better security By putting AI and deep learning into software-defined architectures, network operators and enterprises can move a lot of the human manual processes into automated operations in the near term.

Sentio is the network intelligence platform that uses machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence for automated service management, service modification or restoration based on closed-loop automation, and data analysis and correlation.

In order to move the AI ball downfield, AT&T and Tech Mahindra announced in October of last year that they were teaming up on the AI and machine learning Acumos platform with the goal of putting it into open source.

Google opens next application programme for Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ML Indian start-ups from March 2019

Under the Launchpad Accelerator programme, start-ups that are using AI/ML to solve India's needs, undergo an intensive in-person mentorship boot-camp, followed by customised support for three months.

'Our Launchpad Accelerator programme is bringing best of our expertise, platforms, tools and core strengths including Machine Learning and AI, to help Indian start-ups build, scale and grow their offering,' said Paul Ravindranath, Product Manager, Launchpad Accelerator India.

We are excited about the role these new age start-ups can play in creating AI-based innovative solutions across agri-tech, language, healthcare, transportation and more,' Ravindranath added.

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