AI News, Starship Technologies raises $40M Series A, expands campus services

Starship Technologies raises $40M Series A, expands campus services

Starship’s zero-emission robots have traveled more than 350,000 miles, crossed 4 million streets, and have just marked the milestone of completing 100,000 autonomous deliveries – the first self-driving robotics company to reach this number.

Starship, which makes both restaurant and grocery deliveries around the world, has now delivered more than 6,000 pizzas, 7,000 gallons of milk, 8,000 coffees, 9,000 sushi rolls, and 15,000 bananas, as well as over 3,700 diapers.

“This new investment will see Starship expand onto more campuses as we head towards a goal of offering our service to over 1 million students,” stated Lex Bayer, CEO of Starship Technologies.

Our customers appreciate how we make their lives easier and give them back the gift of time.” Starship rolled out robot delivery to university campuses this year in partnership with foodservice management company Sodexo Inc, starting with George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., where it launched with what was then the world’s largest robotic delivery fleet.

it just makes life so much easier.” Autonomous delivery robots arrive today at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will soon be delivering from a variety of national and local retailers including Einstein Bros.

“We’ve evaluated the autonomous tech market segment around the world, and Starship is miles ahead of others in bringing advanced technology valued by real paying customers,” said Nicolas Sauvage, managing director of TDK Ventures.

The company has also played a role in helping to bring legislation allowing delivery robots to operate on sidewalks across nine U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and several countries.

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