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1 Top AI Stock to Buy and Hold for Decades

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to create new industries, make existing ones more efficient, and generate revenue from new businesses that could create a $13 trillion market by 2030, according to research by consulting firm McKinsey &

It listens to a user's voice commands to search the Internet, find files, track packages, check the weather, and set reminders.

Google Assistant is becoming an increasingly important AI tool for Alphabet, as more people (especially younger ones) opt to use voice commands on their phones rather than typing.

Alphabet bought DeepMind, an artificial intelligence company, back in 2015 and the company has used it, in part, as a way to improve healthcare.

For example, DeepMind algorithms have analyzed anonymized data from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help predict whether patients could have dangerous kidney damage.

The company has completed 10 million miles of autonomous driving on public roads and 10 billion simulated miles.

Waymo is one of Alphabet's biggest commercial bets on AI, in part because global autonomous-vehicle sales are expected to reach 33 million vehicles annually in 2040.

The good news for investors is that Alphabet has diversified how it uses AI across many different businesses and industries, making it more likely that the company will eventually be able to benefit from artificial intelligence.

The Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks

The fast pace of technology expansion has given us voice assistants, social media feeds that give us exposure to hot topics, navigation software and targeted ads.

We’ve compiled the best artificial intelligence stocks offered on the stock market today.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, stocks are a financial asset which represents a publicly traded company in the area of artificial intelligence.

This index takes into consideration the price per share of the stock and the earnings per share to create the index.

Higher P/E ratios mean that the stock is not that profitable, while the lower P/E ratio indicates that the stock pays relatively high amounts compared to the stock price.

The beta usually varies between -1 and 1, although in some rare cases you can see the beta go below -1 and above 1.

If the beta is above 0, this means that the stock is more likely correlated to the benchmark index.

It’s always better to hop into an ongoing trend rather than to enter the market on the assumption that a trend is forming.

The AMZN beta is 1.83, which reminds of a high correlation with the benchmark index, but at the same time, the stock is very volatile.

This is normal as these are 2 of the top 10 tech companies in the world that work around data science and artificial intelligence.

Apple is the pioneer of many technological inventions and are an example of cutting-edge products marketed in the best possible way.

The beta of the AAPL stock is 1.11, which means that the stock is highly correlated to the benchmark index and at the same time is volatile.

Although we see that the stock is definitely correlated with NASDAQ in orange and the S&P 500 in red, we should note that the regain attempt is not that clear here.

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We will see more and more unbelievable products and services released by the big corporations, and these will keep changing our lives the same way as Facebook and Google did.

Check out Benzinga’s look at 5 applications of artificial intelligence, the best tech stocks and the best online brokerages.

Forget Google: Here Are 3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Watch

Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google gets lots of attention for its artificial intelligence (AI) pursuits, mainly because the company is so good at applying AI to a variety of businesses.

Consider that Google's core advertising business uses AI to determine which ads to serve online users, and the company's AI assistant, Google Assistant, is one of the best voice-search services available.

Or that Waymo, formerly Google's self-driving car project, has driven 11 billion autonomous miles on public roads and even has its own commercial autonomous-vehicle ride-hailing service.

But aside from Google's impressive AI moves, plenty of other players are applying AI to key parts of their businesses, and should benefit from what is projected to be a $15.7 trillion market by 2030.

The cloud computing market is expanding as developers and companies look to automate more of their software and find more efficient ways to collect data.

AI integration with Azure is important to note because Microsoft's Azure revenue jumped 73% in the most recent quarter, and the broader cloud computing market will be worth $278 billion by 2021.

While fully self-driving cars are still years away, Baidu has already conducted autonomous-vehicle tests in the U.S. and China, driving more than 1 million autonomous miles across 13 Chinese cities.

First, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in an investor letter two years ago that machine learning, a type of AI, directs everything from product demand forecasting to product search ranks and deal recommendations on its website.

5 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Invest Stock In For 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly transforming industry and is rapidly becoming a profitable one as well with many opportunities to invest at the ground level this year with potential for tremendous growth.

Nvidia Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) Their graphics processing unit (GPU) technology enables AI in self-driving cars, gaming, the cloud, Big Data and many other areas.Some hesitation comes from their recent sales plunge of 24% in the most recent quarter, but experts say that they should see some sharp improvements from there and hold fiscally steady in 2020.

They have developed AI tools for genomics and precision medicine, human language technologies, assistive robotics, machines that can read medical images and consumer-facing technology with Cortana.