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As digitization has revolutionized financial services, new online and mobile tools have made financial advice and planning services more accessible to everyone.

Now, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise to deliver a second big bang to the wealth management universe, making it even easier for consumers to assess their financial health, make investing decisions and plan for long-term goals – on their own and in their own time.

We are not far from the day when customers will be using voice banking to ask for the balance of an investment account or what long- and short-term capital gains can be taken to optimize tax efficiency.

Advanced AI algorithms will also be used to help financial service providers do a better job of investing and managing portfolios in terms of tax efficiency, rebalancing, and creating other value-adds that improve performance and returns.

AI, machine learning and robotic-driven interactions can lower costs and create new efficiencies for financial institutions while delivering smarter advice for customers – whenever and however they wish to receive it.

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