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I, For One, Don’t Welcome Our New Robot Overlords *UPDATED*

The fiction writer in me can’t help but see more of these incidents happening, and were they really accidents, or did the machines become self-aware? It’s a silly sounding question, but if these artificial intelligences are as powerful as we’re told, why wouldn’t they eventually turn against us a la the machines in Nick Cole’s excellent CTRL ALT REVOLT!

Computers can compose music, and man-made popular music, what’s left of it, has basically devolved into formulaic songwriting based on what some might already call algorithms to appeal to the human brain the way soma appealed to people in Brave New World.

It’s easy–if you’re an asshole or a Marxist or write for the National Review (but I repeat myself)–to laugh at the blue-collar rubes, the truck drivers and factory workers and burger flippers,  who should “just move”

Naturally, as I wrote two years ago, it never seems to be America’s so-called meritocratic elites who have their livelihoods threatened, either by cheap foreign labor or machines (emphasis in original): Who are these wonderful human beings to really make the world go round, these drivers of our economic engine?

Let’s create a hypothetical profile: Say you went to Harvard or Stanford, majored in political science or government, interned for a Senator or at a think tank, got a nice job because a friend of your dad’s thinks you look cute in that dress and/or suit.

Footage broadcast live on Russia-24 showed television anchors praising the ersatz android during coverage of a technology forum held in Yaroslavl, a city about 150 miles north-east of Moscow, boasting that “Robot Boris has already learned to dance and he’s not that bad.” …

As the questions mounted, it emerged that Boris was a £3000 costume made by the company Show Robots designed to give the “near total illusion that before you stands a real robot,” equipped with microphone and tablet display.

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Space station robot goes rogue: International Space Station’s artificial intelligence has turned bel

It's supposed to be a plastic pal who's fun to be with.CIMON isn't much to look at.It's just a floating ball with a cartoonish face on its touch screen.It's built to be a ...

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A robot on the International Space Station accused ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst of not being nice.

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