AI News, Source Code Classification Using Deep Learning

Source Code Classification Using Deep Learning

Programming languages are the primary tool of the software development industry.

Since the 1940’s hundreds of them have been created and a huge amount of new lines of code in diverse programming languages are written and pushed to active repositories every day.

We believe that a source code classifier that can identify the programming language that a piece of code is written in would be a very useful tool for automatic syntax highlighting and label suggestion on platforms, such as StackOverflow and technical wikis.

This inspired us to train a model for classifying code snippets based on their language, leveraging recent AI techniques for text classification.

Before training our model, the raw data had to be processed to remove and mitigate some unwanted characteristics of code found in the wild.

Thousands of repositories were inspected, but the ones with a size greater than 100mb were ignored to avoid spending too much time on downloading and preprocessing.

Crawled Files Looking carefully at the raw data, we find some challenging behaviours and characteristics, which is not a big surprise given that this data is pulled out of actual arbitrary repositories.

So in case of mixed languages in a single source code file, we would like to keep only the snippets that belong to the primary language of the file (inferred from its extension), and strip everything else.

JavaScript snippet with a “hidden” C code embedded After the preprocessing step, which includes also escaping of newline and tab characters, we need to tokenize all our text.

Our model uses a word embedding layer followed by a convolutional layer with multiple filters, a max-pooling layer and finally a softmax layer (Figure 3).

Convolutional Neural Network model (Figure based on [2]) We performed a test over a 10% data split and calculated the accuracy, precision, recall and f1-score for each label.

Also, versioned data for each programming language could be obtained to make it possible to assign a specific version to a source code snippet.

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