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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Soul Machines launches Digital DNA™, a critical component in the future of Customer Experience

Soul Machines, a ground-breaking company re-imagining how humans connect with machines, is launching Digital DNA™ to give brands the ability to create and deploy a diverse range of highly realistic digital humans.

Soul Machines personalizes customer experience through face-to-face interactions with its lifelike digital humans and its unique ability to create engaging customer connections based on the emotional responsiveness of Soul Machines’ Human Computing Engine™, which works like a virtual nervous system.

Soul Machines is able to autonomously animate each digital human in real-time by synthesizing human behavior, setting itself far ahead in in the industry with a combination of the most realistic digital humans and the most advanced real-time animation in the world.

“We are proud to be making Soul Machines Digital DNA™ technology available to companies so they can supercharge their online customer experiences in a high-quality way in a short amount of time.” “Recently, we have seen brands release avatars and digital humans that are clunky, ugly and embarrassing they look like the digital equivalent old fashioned puppets without the strings,” added Cross.

We understand that it can be complex to deploy a digital human but no company should settle for less than perfection because their customers will not buy it or engage with it.” The intelligence of digital humans comes from the one-of-a-kind innovative process that uses neural networks to combine biologically inspired models of the human brain and key sensory networks.

The future of work in 2019 and beyond

Gig economy growth rates will slow down, while the perception of employee value will shoot up The on-demand gig economy will continue to grow, but the rate of growth will slow, and stop short of dictating how we define full time employment models and organization structure.

On the other hand, modern team collaboration tools (for example, those that provide content and file sharing, multi-media conferencing, and group chat) will quickly allow freelancers to onboard faster from any location and participate effectively with existing employees on project teams.

Humans will need to learn new interaction skills to achieve desired results as bots become more prevalent in our lives Over the previous decades, technology users have progressed through punch cards, command lines, and graphic interfaces.

Sometimes customer service bot responses are programmed to placate, mollify, or provide perfunctory responses, or incorporate poorly designed first-generation algorithms that are not refined enough to be truly helpful or resolve problems.

Therefore, people will need to learn to how most effectively communicate with bots to receive useful information, achieve a resolution, or even ‘game’ the algorithm to provoke a human intervention in hybrid customer service situations that combine the interaction from bots and humans.

Your own personal ‘digital twin’ will support your optimal well-being at work Intelligent, connected wearables, biometric sensors, and smart watches combined with personal health analytics will create your own ‘digital twin’ that senses and monitors a wide range of health metrics while you work.

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