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Fighting Cancer with DNA Sequencing, Big Data & AI | WIRED Health 2017 | WIRED Events

Jurgi Camblong's Swiss-based company SOPHiA Genetics is using big data and artificial intelligence alongside DNA sequencing to detect cancer in the lungs, ...

The democratization of Data-Driven Medicine

Today, SOPHiA GENETICS is the Global Leader in Data-Driven Medicine helping in better and faster diagnosing patients thanks to SOPHiA DDM® - the most ...

Exploring SOPHiA DDM advanced SaaS platform for genomic analysis

2017 SOPHiA GENETICS. All rights reserved. SOPHiA™, the collective AI for clinical genomics, analyzes all type of genomic variants associated with multiple ...

Data-driven medicine - Jurgi Camblong, CEO of Sophia Genetics

Sophia Genetics was founded in 2011 to make Data Driven Medicine a reality and democratize a more predictive, preventive, personalized and participative ...

"How AI Will Humanize Clinical Diagnostics" by Esteban Czwan - PMWC 17, Day 2 track 2 @ 5pm

Join Esteban Czwan, VP of Business Development for his talk "How AI Will Humanize Clinical Diagnostics" at PMWC 2017 on 01.24.17 at 5pm, Track 2.

AI learns to play snake using Genetic Algorithm and Deep learning

Using a neural network and the genetic algorithm I trained an AI to play snake. Time Passing By by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons ...

SOPHIA: This AI will run the world

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Which Programming Language for AI? | Machine Learning

How to learn AI for Free : Future Updates : Developers who are moving towards Artificial intelligence and Machine .

Conference series: a discussion with Ulf Klangby from Devyser @ ESHG17

Discover SOPHiA, the collective artificial intelligence for Data-Driven Medicine, at the heart of data analysis for the benefits of patients worldwide.

WE are original A.I. flesh brains - SOPHIA is second generation as Humans try to Self-REPLICATE

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Elon Musk says, "we are summoning the Demon..." Facebook shuts down AI programs because they developed their own secret ...