AI News, Sony's New Drone: a Modern Take on a Familiar Design

Sony's New Drone: a Modern Take on a Familiar Design

To me, this kind of sounds like Sony mostly just not wanting to be left out of this whole drone thing that everybody seems to be so excited about, so they figure they’d better come up with some drones that can, you know, do some…stuff (they mentioned“solutions that meet needs including measuring, surveying, observing, and inspecting”).Having said that, if Sony can develop a reliable and streamlined real-time cloud interface for drones, that would be pretty cool.

In 2009, Aurora Flight Sciences was flight testing a large, jet-powered VTOL UAV called Excaliburwith a swiveling central nacelle and three stowable lift fans: Here’s a video of a test flight;this is from six years ago, and we haven’t seen much in the way of progress since.

Like the Excalibur, it’s got a roomy hull that keeps a constant orientation with respect to the ground, and since its primary engine is used for both horizontal thrust and vertical lift, it’s more able to take off with a significant payload.

Watch Sony's 106 MPH VTOL Drone Roar into Action

Aerosense is Sony's drone company, and earlier this week it showed off footage of a test flight for its prototype drone.

And until it can get into the package delivery game (assuming the FAA clears the airspace for such drones and/or offers exemptions to some of its more troublesome restrictions), Aerosense's drones can do stuff like autonomously survey difficult-to-reach land.


Separate Lift and Thrust Vertical Take Off & Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Sony VTOL Drone

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