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Quantum Artificial Neural Network Model with Exponential Speedup

Researchers have proposed a model for perceptrons to be directly implemented on near-term quantum processing devices, and we have experimentally tested it on a 5-qubits IBM quantum computer based on superconducting technology.

Our algorithm presents an exponential advantage over classical perceptron models, as we have explicitly shown by representing and classifying 4 bits strings using 2 qubits, and 16 bits strings using only 4 qubits.

It might then be possible to design a version of our proposed quantum perceptron algorithm working with approximated encoding quantum states instead of exact ones, which would have the potential to scale exponentially better than any classical algorithm implementing a perceptron model.

As such, the work is a concrete first step towards an actual application of near-term (i.e., with few tens of non-error corrected qubits) quantum processors to be employed as fast and efficient trained artificial quantum neural networks.

We show that this quantum model of a perceptron can be used as an elementary nonlinear classifier of simple patterns, as the first step towards practical training of artificial quantum neural networks to be efficiently implemented on near-term quantum processing hardware.

Equiteq & Quote-to-Cash experts Simplus release Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Industry Guide at Dreamforce 18

By Ramone Param, Director, Equiteq IPG’s acquisition of Acxiom Marketing Solutions gives it access to anonymized customer data to enhance its targeted marketing solutions Target: Acxiom Marketing Solutions (AMS) is Acxiom’s legacy data management business.

IPG followed with its announced acquisition of AMS, which gave it access to customer data that can drive more targeted marketing campaigns for its clients.

The deal comes as the leading marketing agencies are coming under pressure from major consultancies and technology firms entering the digital media space.

Meet the Partners for Codecamp in Chișinău | 17 November

Codecamp Chișinău will take place on November 17. Don’t forget to register HERE.  In the meantime, we want to thank our partners for being with us every step of the way.

The company develops over 300 projects for over 100 clients from Europe and USA, in the following fields: software development, testing and quality assurance, mobile apps, UI/UX Design, support services and others.

We constantly are looking to innovate ourselves, while offering to a wide public programs and products tailored, from kids to students and businesses of different sizes, comfort and  security.

BRD is an important economic actor in the local economy but also we are an active social player, involved in the community through projects and programs that cover social, cultural and sportive areas.

We are proud to support technology and innovation in our country and we engage our efforts in developing key actors (the new generation of IT specialists and tech entrepreneurs ) for a digital society.

Continental is a top-tier automotive manufacturing company that specializes in tyres, interior electronics, chassis components, brake systems, powertrain, tachographs and numerous other factors related to the transportation and automotive industries.

One of the company’s main areas of expertise is fuel consumption, attained via reduced-resistance tyres, more efficient fuel injection systems and hybrid propulsion systems.

In 2012, the team has realized the market fit with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and started orienting resources towards building a platform for training and orchestrating software robots, and one year later they launched the first UiPath Desktop Automation product line based on Microsoft Workflow Designer – specifically targeting the RPA market.

UiPath’s footprint in the automation industry kept being acknowledged with several honouring titles – a global Leader and Star Performer in RPA (Everest Group), and – based on superior technology – as RPA industry leader (Forrester).

UiPath debuted its UiPath Forward event series in New York, which then continued to London and Bengaluru amassing more than 2000 customers, partners, analysts, thought leaders in the field of RPA to discuss its future and the impact on work and society.

Ness Digital Engineering is an innovative custom software development firm Ness Digital Engineering provides digital transformation and custom software product engineering services to help organizations envision, build, and continually evolve their digital platforms to enter new markets, capture new revenue and gain operational efficiencies.

Their global team enables clients to compete and grow in today’s digital economy by providing deep expertise in experience engineering, product and platform development, and data analytics.

Ness’s strength is the ability to provide a seamless blend of creative design and user experience engineering, combined with a rigorous, productized approach to digital platform development and data analytics.

Using their Ness Connected framework, they help companies define and develop the right digital products and services faster to significantly accelerate time to market, improve customer engagement and reduce business risk.

As a custom software development firm, Ness believes digital platform development and product engineering requires a fundamentally different approach than running traditional enterprise IT services or providing staff augmentation.

ISSCO is the brand behind successful IT projects delivering in the West innovative technologies assimilated along 15 years of worldwide software development experience.

Outsourcing is a core component of their business, they work selectively for valuable customers on software development projects, building up specific teams that develop new solutions on explicit requests.

Their internal projects focus on their own products and solutions, which they develop and sell globally focusing on the needs of both small business and those of corporation solutions from scratch: ●

With offices in the UK, Romania and Moldova, they combine deep technology expertise, solutions architecture capability, development and program management skills that deliver best-in class Solutions that help Enterprises scale and meet their software challenges.

AMDARIS delivers projects and programmes, working on products or platforms for clients ranging from tech start-ups, through to global multi-billion dollar businesses.

For over 12 years Mixbook has delivered an intuitive and user-friendly online tool which helps consumers turn memories into digital masterpieces, which will accompany them for a lifetime.

Ellation is a product, design, engineering, marketing and content company aimed at people looking to bring communities together, build sustainable business models for content creators, use technology to increase engagement, and access content globally.

Stefanini is a Brazilian company with over three decades of IT expertise, ranging from IT infrastructure outsourcing to software applications development and maintenance, focused on making the digital transformation dream a successful reality for our clients.

with investing in long-term customer relationships, Endava recognized the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for people and, by doing so, has established itself as the employer of choice in certain regions.

Unlike general recruitment tools, GAUS uses already available social data, aligns the expectations with an interactive chatbot and combines that with machine learning algorithms and recruitment know-how gathered from over 10.000 interviews to provide high accuracy matches.

Group develops software products for a variety of startups in different industries such as gaming, social networks, trading industries, media complementary products, ad networks, online gambling and more.

Cristina Morariu (Softvision) - Artificial Intelligence and Management

Speaker Agile Talks @Agile Mammoths Games 2017 Detalii:

Ciprian Jichici at Codecamp Cluj-Napoca, March 2018

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Myth vs. Reality, Ciprian Jichici, Genisoft/HTSS.

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