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Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative: building competitive and resilient economies and societies through responsible AI

We are pleased to announce an interdisciplinary joint call aimed at building competitive, resilient and healthy economies and societies through responsible AI.

Each grant will require a Principal Investigator (PI) based in Canada and a PI based in the UK who will jointly develop one application and equally share leadership and project management for each project.

The call aims to support innovative and cutting-edge interdisciplinary AI research that encourages the exploration of new interdisciplinary research methodologies, approaches and tools that cuts across at least two of the following research domains: The call promotes the development of responsible AI through research that includes considerations of social-cultural variables (gender, racialised identity, socio-economic status, ability, etc.), biological variables (sex) and sustainable development in the research design, to ensure that the benefits of AI technologies and tools are shared broadly across society, to mitigate against potential harms, and to enhance the trustworthiness of AI.

Professor/Associate/Assistant Professor in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Hong Kong Baptist University is developing cutting-edge Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and their cross-talks with different disciplines for high impact applications.

The University’s AI Cluster is now recruiting a number of full-time faculty members at all grades from Assistant Professor to Full Professor who have a strong passion in interdisciplinary research as well as a strong research track record in Data Analytics and AI algorithms or their applications to Chinese Medicine, Healthcare, Journalism, and Media.

They will be working collaboratively towards interdisciplinary research challenges including data-driven drug discovery for Chinese medicine (TCM), evidence-based TCM knowledge graph development, automated news writing, visual analytics for investigative reporting, etc.

The appointees are also expected to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the hosting departments, including programme management, as well as contribute to professional and institutional services.

The University offers competitive package which include retirement/gratuity benefits, annual leave, medical and dental scheme, housing assistance and relocation allowance wherever appropriate.

Introduction to AI

a series exploring AI’s potential for the social science and beyond LSE Generate and the Digital Skills Lab, in conjunction with Generate Entrepreneurship Award winners PigeonLine, are offering a fascinating 3-part introduction to artificial intelligence for social scientists.

July 1st, 10am to 12pm, open to all, LSE LIFE Workspace 2 This introductory talk by will cover the key concepts related to artificial intelligence and its applications as well as discussing current and future or potential applications of AI.

Delivered by the co-founders of Pigeonline, a company started via the LSE Generate programme which uses “privacy-focused, human-centered AI to solve the problems of governments and businesses around the world”, this course is an excellent primer for students and entrepreneurs who want to understand more about AI’s application in business.

July 5th, 10am to 12pm, open to all, LSE LIFE Workspace 2 This hands-on session introduces participants to the process of building, training and testing algorithms, without the need to write code, while exploring the strengths, limitations and biases found in AI.

Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative Pre-Call Announcement

ESRC is coordinating this initiative.  Given the expertise of researchers in Canada and the United Kingdom, the Canadian agencies and UKRI are jointly supporting the development of a collaboration in AI among stakeholders in Canada and the UK aimed at building competitive and resilient economies and maximizing the social and health benefits. The aim is to build competitive and resilient economies and maximize the social and health benefits.

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is approximately C$14 million (£8.2 million), enough to fund up to approximately 10 projects.  The call is due to launch on 21 June 2019, with a deadline for an intention to submit of 19 August 2019.

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