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By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to automate customer journeys and effectively glean deeper audience insights, marketers will be empowered to drive lasting business impact.

Software companies have invested heavily in powering new technologies over the last few years that enable customers to understand and react to an influx of demographic and behavior data, coupled with evolving customer preferences.

Predictive lead scoring, insightful variable customer journeys, advanced personalization, database connectivity and integration, coupled with an end-to-end view of customer routines, are currently on the blurry horizon.

Marketers are often sifting through their email inboxes and social media channels each day, judging the relevance of the messages received and quickly deleting those that are clearly generic.

The sheer volume of messages being sent is evidence that marketers have adopted some level of automation, yet few of these mass emails are taking advantage of the sophisticated tools available to deliver personalized messages to the reader.

In the past, marketing companies that strategically architected their databases and thoughtfully curated what data elements to capture successfully delivered relevant 1-to-1 customer journeys.

To effectively manage sophisticated marketing programs and sales plays, organizations need to invest in developing marketing and sales operations teams that include data scientists, architects and data stewards, in addition to their core marketing communications teams.

AI and machine learning have increasingly infiltrated every facet of our lives, from map applications that understand consumers’ daily routines and shortcuts to Amazon and Netflix’s personalized recommendations that align with the consumers’ purchasing behaviors.

Too often, when marketers start with the tools, they develop “shiny object syndrome” and become enamored with attractive tool features and ignore gaps and pitfalls in the product.

Also Read: How to Use AI in Marketing to Establish Audience Connect To achieve this goal, marketers need to optimize every aspect of their marketing and sales operations, including technology stacks, architecture, data process, customer journeys, actionable insights and campaign deployment.

When implementing operations systems, ask yourself, “How will this drive results in 2019?” If you can’t come up with a compelling reason (something beyond, “My competitor is doing it,” or, “I’ve heard this is important to track”), then focus your energies on efforts that will have an impact on the business.

Job Market Predictions To Watch Out For In 2019

There are a wave of changes crashing onto the corporate shores that will significantly impact your career in 2019.

trend that will intensifying in its ferocity is the movement of jobs to lower cost cities within the United States and to an array of foreign countries, in an effort to save corporations vast sums of money.

After the person is no longer with the firm, the level of the position will be downgraded and the person offered the position will be paid considerably less money, but given similar responsibilities to the senior person who left.

it's that they have more experience, so they earn more money compared to younger colleagues, their insurance costs are presumed higher and they’re not as easily manipulated as younger employees with mountains of debt to pay off.

Fear of trade wars, potentially high levels of tariffs, a volatile stock market that will transcend into a bear market leading to a recession will make companies layoff workers and pump the breaks on hiring.

Recent college graduates with two-to-five years of experience will have to endure interviews by phone conducted by a robot or sit in front of a video camera and answer questions by an avatar and not a real person.

On the positive side, working from home will become widely acceptable as companies realize that they can save on expensive real estate and pay people far less money for the luxury of working from home.

The workplace will become uncomfortable and normal interactions awkward due to worries about inadvertently saying anything politically incorrect or ending up being alleged to have made an inappropriate comment.

The beneficiaries of this new trend will be professionals with a proficiency—or anything related—to technology, younger workers in second-tier cities that benefit by having jobs available with top corporations that were previously unattainable and held by more senior people and those who would appreciate the work-life benefit associated with working from home.

6 Predictions for 2019: Digital Media Growth and Innovation

From social media monetization to data generation to voice and visual search, 2018 was a year of innovation.

With a focus on media growth, efficiency, user experience and innovation, trends launched in 2018 are likely to endure into 2019.

As a result, marketer desire to purchase branded lead generation products will increase, even if that means the ability to filter audiences decreases.

Liner stated, “will gain a lot more market share because of their ability to offer a suite of high-quality offerings, including branded lead generation.”

In 2019, Schulties believes we will begin seeing chat bots throughout all social platforms, and these chat bots will become a preference for consumer communication.

For immediacy and efficiency, consumers and brands will transition quick-answer conversations, like order information and package tracking, to AI-driven chat bots, allowing for 24/7 customer service.

While true thought leadership content marketers will continue to scale their efforts in 2019, some brands will cease their content creation.

Specifically, brands that never invested heavily enough in the creation of high-quality content, and therefore didn’t benefit from their content marketing efforts, are likely to step away from content creation or seek third-party content marketing writers and strategists to boost their performance.

During 2019, social media platforms will encourage growth in their daily active user (DAU) bases by further enhancing user experiences and intertwining social use with daily life, including ecommerce purchases.

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