AI News, Sneak Peek: iRobot's Hall of Awesomeness

Sneak Peek: iRobot's Hall of Awesomeness

But, it's only because we've been hard at work doing some old fashioned on-site reportin' on the ground in Boston, where we checked out iRobot, Boston Dynamics, and several robotics labs at MIT.

She showed us the whole lineup on video (thirty minutes worth!), and you'll have it as soon as we've edited it together, but here's a brief sampling of some of the stuff that we saw:

R2, designed in 1993, was intended to eventually help move stuff around in nuclear power plants where it would be dangerous for people to go.

If they heard something (like a submarine), they'd pop up to the surface and transmit a signal, allowing groups of them to create a sort of breadcrumb trail to track stealthy vessels (like submarines).

iRobot teamed up with Hasbro to create My Real Baby, and although it wasn't a huge commercial success, it was very sophisticated and embodied a huge amount of interactivity.