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Daily News – 01.07.2019

EU and Mercosur reach agreement on trade The European Union and Mercosur - a bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay - reached a political agreement for an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive trade agreement on Friday 28 June.

will consolidate a strategic political and economic partnership and create significant opportunities for sustainable growth on both sides, while respecting the environment and preserving interests of EU consumers and sensitive economic sectors.

The agreement upholds the highest standards of food safety and consumer protection, as well as the precautionary principle and contains specific commitments on labour rights and environmental protection, including the implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

Aide humanitaire: 7 millions d'euros pour la préparation aux catastrophes en Afrique australe et dans l'océan Indien Alors que les catastrophes naturelles menacent les populations les plus vulnérables en Afrique australe et dans la région de l'Océan Indien, l'Union européenne fournit une aide humanitaire de sept millions d'euros pour renforcer les capacités des communautés et des autorités pour se préparer et faire face aux catastrophes.

Christos Stylianides, commissaire en charge de l'aide humanitaire et de la gestion de crises, a déclaré: 'Investir dans la préparation aux catastrophes naturelles est un investissement destiné

Dans le cadre de son nouveau paquet d'aide, l'UE soutient également les technologies modernes comme les drones, alors que leur utilité

Cet ensemble d'aide humanitaire européenne va soutenir l'amélioration de la préparation et des capacités de réponse du personnel local de protection civile et des communautés exposées au risque de catastrophes naturelles;

utiliser la technologie et des approches innovantes en matière de préparation aux catastrophes pour aider les communautés à

They will work across different sectors and disciplines to tackle societal challenges such as the economics of climate change policies, automated driving, atmospheric pollution and cultural heritage.Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics, said: 'Year after year, this scheme proves to be a powerful way to allow universities, companies and research centres to share knowledge and expertise at both national and international levels.

Fair Taxation: New dispute resolution for double taxation enters into force New EU rules come into force today to ensure quicker and more effective resolution of tax disputes between Member States, making life easier and offering much more tax certainty for businesses and individuals experiencing double taxation issues.The eagerly awaited new system will help to find solutions for tax disputes between Member States that can arise from the interpretation and application of international agreements and conventions providing for the elimination of double taxation.

The mechanism will ensure that businesses and citizens can resolve disputes related to tax treaties more swiftly and effectively, in particular those related to double taxation - a major obstacle for businesses and individuals that creates uncertainty, unnecessary costs and cash-flow problems.

Entry into force of the new Western Balkans regional roaming agreement: clear drop in roaming charges Starting today, citizens and businesses in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia will pay less while using their mobile phones when they are roaming within the region.

Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel said: “The regional roaming agreement is an important signal of tangible regional cooperation and integration and I am satisfied that the European Commission was able to support this process with expertise gained from our own experience in introducing the EU roam like at home rules.

7,5% en mai 2019, en baisse par rapport au taux de 7,6% d'avril 2019 et au taux de 8,3% de mai 2018.

6,3% en mai 2019, en baisse par rapport au taux de 6,4% d'avril 2019 et au taux de 6,9% de mai 2018.

dans l'UE28 depuis le début de la série mensuelle sur le chômage en janvier 2000, Ces chiffres sont publiés par Eurostat, l'office statistique de l'Union européenne.

Eurostat estime qu'en mai 2019, 15,653 millions d'hommes et de femmes étaient au chômage dans l'UE28, dont 12,348 millions dans la zone euro.

State aid: Commission opens investigation into proposed public support for Peugeot plant in Spain The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether Spain's plan to grant €20.7 million of public support to PSA for investing in its existing car plant in Vigo (Spain) is in line with EU rules on regional State aid.

PSA, a large industrial group active in the automotive sector, is investing around €500million in new production lines for the launch of new vehicles, as well as in process improvements in the existing plant of Peugeot Citroën Automobiles España in Vigo.

(ii) under the applicable rules on regional aid, investments by large companies in existing production facilities are generally not eligible to receive regional investment aid, except if the investments enable fundamental, innovative changes in the production process that are applied for the first time in the sector concerned in the EEA.

State aid: Commission publishes the non-confidential version of decision to open in-depth investigation into the Netherlands's tax treatment of Nike Today, the Commission has published the non-confidential version of its decision, adopted on 10 January 2019, to open an in-depth investigation into the Netherlands's tax treatment of Nike.

This year's event, the third such annual gathering so far, will be hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and will gather representatives of Ukraine's leadership, headed by President Zelenskyy, as well as a range of representatives from other countries, civil society organisations, businesses, international partners, diaspora and other experts.

The discussions during the conference will be structured around the ‘Toronto Principles' presenting key political reform priorities for Ukraine developed jointly by a large number of Ukraine's reform minded civil society, business and other citizen organisations and based on a broad consultation.

Monero and Zcash Conferences Showcase Their Differences (And Links)

Last weekend, two privacy coin conferences heralded the future of cryptocurrency governance: the hybrid startup model versus grassroots experimentation.

Zcon1 had a gala dinner with a seaside backdrop and programming that displayed close relations between companies like Facebook and the zcash-centric startup Electronic Coin Company (ECC), as evidenced by Libra being widely discussed with team members in attendance.

“There’s been perhaps not enough discussion about the potential conflicts of interest in the [zcash] governance model.” While the simultaneous monero conference was much smaller and slightly more focused on code than governance, there was significant overlap.

Meanwhile, the zcash setup gave the founders data often called “toxic waste,” because the founding participants could theoretically exploit the software that determines what makes a zcash transaction valid.

In short, zcash fans prefer the hybrid startup model for these experiments and monero fans prefer a completely grassroots model as they tinker with ring signatures and research trustless zk-SNARK replacements.

“One of the written or unwritten rules of monero is you shouldn’t have to trust someone.” Shapiro added: “If certain people are dictating large aspects of the direction of the cryptocurrency project then it raises the question: What is the difference between that and fiat money?” Stepping back, the long-standing beef between monero and zcash fans is the Biggie vs.

Wilcox told CoinDesk the zcash ecosystem will continue to move toward “more decentralization, but not too far and not too fast.” After all, this hybrid structure enabled funding for fast growth compared to other blockchains, including the incumbent monero.

“Things like education, promoting adoption worldwide, talking with regulators, that’s the stuff that I think a certain amount of centralization and decentralization are both right.” Some fans of both projects see the benefits of that collective approach.

He added: “Ultimately, I would prefer if protocol evolution was mostly funded by the consent of token holders rather than by investors.” Researchers on all sides acknowledged their favorite crypto would require significant updates in order to deserve the title “privacy coin.” Perhaps the joint conference panel, and Zcash Foundation grants for independent research, could inspire such cooperation across party lines.

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