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Actively managed ETFs remain a small but growing slice of the overall ETF pie, but that slice will continue to grow as new players—such as large mutual fund shops and other asset managers with active strategies—enter the ETF space.

Advisors With the Federal Reserve pursuing a gradual – but continuous – path of interest rate hikes, our panelists will discuss which ETF strategies offer investors capital preservation – and perhaps some alpha too – when most traditional bond investments decline in value.

Since then, commodity producers have trimmed supply at a time when the global growth story has resumed, creating a favorable supply-and-demand picture for many commodities.

Further, he will touch on how the rise of artificial intelligence is challenging the client/advisor relationships, as well as the job of product manufacturer in our industry.

Education is key for advisors to understand how factor-based investing can benefit clients, and this panel will discuss how to access factors via ETFs.

This panel will discuss which tactical strategies appear best-positioned to take advantage of current marketplace trends.

Lastly, we will do a live trading demo (with real money) so investors can better understand how an exchange is structured and how to execute trades particularly as the order execution front end/GUI is far different looking than your traditional platform.

37 "More Than Just Data-Analytics: Managing A Conventional Business In Unconventional Circumstances" With Pieter De Wit, CFO Of Afrimat (Cape Town) Go Beyond Disruption podcast

'Financial figures are the results of decisions, and you need to be involved in the decisions if you want to influence the financial figures'.

So vital that, when there's no data network infrastructure where your business is based, you have to get it built yourself.

This relies on relationships, partnering with mobile phone companies and local government to get it done.

Cape Town-based Pieter de Wit is CFO of Afrimat South Africa, a leading black-empowered open pit mining company providing industrial minerals and construction materials.

TALKING POINTS OUR GUEST Afrimat Limited CFO Pieter de Wit is an experienced Financial Director with over 16 years in senior roles at PWC.

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Policy Initiatives on AI & IoT in India

When data volume grows beyond human ability to discern the patterns in it—when a company is faced with truly a big data, we need a new form of intelligence.

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