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Artificial Intelligence Conference: Applied AI & machine learning

Although many organizations are now planning AI implementations, few are successfully deploying AI in production.

It’s a rare opportunity to bypass the hype and discover how emerging developments can be applied into practical and profitable AI you can implement in your business today.

See the agenda Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth education on topics critical to your business success.

Training courses take place April 15-16 and are limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

What The Future Of Smart Cities Looks Like

What a smart city should look like Building truly future-ready smart cities should be structured as a four-step process, from the foundational infrastructure – where many cities are now embarking – through to the management layer at the end where the greatest value will be derived: These steps towards a smart city need to be approached in methodical order in order to stablish a stable and adaptable framework.

There are three key traits that technology needs to reflect to be appropriate for use in smart city projects: The end goal of a smart city project is the creation of what Huawei terms a “digital twin of a city.” Through the technology rollout, and the strategy underpinning it, a smart city is one that takes all the data from the physical world, stores it in an effective and readable manner, and is then used by both humans and AI to deliver back innovation and efficiencies to the city.

Chengyang is a pioneering city in using saline-alkali land, in combination with sensors, wireless technologies, data modelling and deep learning technologies, to convert the land into arable land, capable of growing “seawater rice.” That innovation is now being applied in other areas of the world and it is projected, based on current projects, to eventually feed 80 million people using previously unusable land.

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A.I.04b: The Ra Material—the Law of One and AI

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Society - Solutions for participatory and inclusive cities

Parallel Session: As meeting grounds for numerous social groups and activities, cities are naturally and necessarily diverse and heterogeneous. This diversity ...

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The Hugh Thompson Show: Artificial Intelligence

Hugh Thompson, RSA Conference Program Chair Dr. Dawn Song, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley, MacArthur Fellow, and Serial Entrepreneur Dr.

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Innovation & Startups - How startups are innovating cities

Parallel Session: A group of accelerator programs, innovation institutions and smart city foundations will talk about their perspectives on the role of startups in the ...