AI News, Should Machine Learning Be A Separate Major Like Computer Science?

Should Machine Learning Be A Separate Major Like Computer Science?

ML jobs are booming in India — recent example being that US online payment giant PayPal is planning to hire 600 tech experts in the field of artificial intelligence and ML.

While there are a lot of edtech companies that offer structured in-person as well as online ML training in conjunction with industry partners, Indian institutes like the University of Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IISc Bangalore and ISI Kolkata, which have thriving ML departments also offer specialisations in ML and AI-related field.

IIT-H’s CSE department is active in research areas such as networking, distributed systems, algorithms, graph theory and also offers a three year research-oriented MTech programme which enables students to work on sponsored research projects along with the coursework.

Rise Of ML-Focused Data Science Jobs: With the rise in machine learning-focused roles at companies across the board, most interviews around data science job positions revolve around algorithms and code architecture.

Also, according to Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands, computer science master’s program offers excellent learning trajectories since they combine modules such as information systems, software development, system architecture and theory algorithms – thus offering the students a wider scope of application.

Another key point is that machine learning programs are better suited to candidates with a heavy statistics background and usually the Master’s candidates go for further research.

Machine Learning Will Change Jobs

Machine learning computer systems, which get better with experience, are poised to transform the economy much as steam engines and electricity have in the past.

Mitchell, who founded the world's first Machine Learning Department at CMU, and Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy in the Sloan School of Management, describe 21 criteria to evaluate whether a task or a job is amenable to machine learning (ML).

'Although the economic effects of ML are relatively limited today, and we are not facing the imminent 'end of work' as is sometimes proclaimed, the implications for the economy and the workforce going forward are profound,' they write.

It already is widely used for credit card fraud detection, recommendation systems and financial market analysis, with new applications such as medical diagnosis on the horizon.

Predicting how ML will affect a particular job or profession can be difficult because ML tends to automate or semi-automate individual tasks, but jobs often involve multiple tasks, only some of which are amenable to ML approaches.

'Although there are many forces contributing to inequality, such as increased globalization, the potential for large and rapid changes due to ML, in many cases within a decade, suggests that the economic effects may be highly disruptive, creating both winners and losers,' they write.

Artificial Intelligence Job Titles: What Is A Machine Learning Engineer?

With backgrounds and skills in data science, applied research and heavy-duty coding, they run the operations of a machine learning project and are responsible for managing the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production.

Explains eBay VP of engineering Japjit Tulsi, machine learning engineers must be able to “straddle the line between knowing the mathematics and coding the mathematics.” Data Scientists Supporting the machine learning engineers are data scientists who do not typically ship production code, but rather tackle discrete problems using preexisting data to validate models.They have PhDs in data science or statistics, or backgrounds in computer science, math and physics.

they’re not operating on the software side.” In the process of developing algorithms and analyses, data scientists also perform the critical task of collecting, cleaning, and preparing data correctly which can be the most time-consuming portion of their work.

With more and more companies turning to AI solutions, the number of experienced scientists and engineers falls far short of the demand.The exact composition of an AI project team varies depending on the nature and timing of the project, but having expertise running from fundamental research and data to heavy-duty coding and production is vital.

Jobs at UW

The College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks faculty candidates for up to three tenure-track faculty positions in the areas of basic research in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Science (DS).

New research directions will be launched and nurtured within the Institute, with current targeted efforts focused on advanced manufacturing, energy and sustainability, biomanufacturing, neuroengineering, sensors and sensing, smart and connected healthcare, and enhancing broad computational expertise relevant to data, design, prediction, and modeling/simulation.

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