AI News, Shape Created with Sketch. In pictures: Artificial intelligence through history

Shape Created with Sketch. In pictures: Artificial intelligence through history

The future of the world is under threat from artificial intelligence andmore must be doneto keep people safe, experts have urged.

Many of the attacks could come in forms that are hard even to imagine, such as speech synthesis tools and video creation technologies that could allow people to create entirely believable, but completely fake, videos.

The report has been compiled by experts from many of the world’s leading institutions and artificial intelligence research organisations, who claim that it is the first time that the intersection of artificial intelligence and its misuse in the world have been examined in such a way.

This report looks at the practices that just don’t work anymore – and suggests broad approaches that might help: for example, how to design software and hardware to make it less hackable – and what type of laws and international regulations might work in tandem with this.” Miles Brundage, research fellow at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, said: “AI will alter the landscape of risk for citizens, organisations and states – whether it’s criminals training machines to hack or ‘phish’ at human levels of performance or privacy-eliminating surveillance, profiling and repression – the full range of impacts on security is vast.

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