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Sex Toys and Artificial Intelligence - The Past, Present, and the Future

Throughout the course of our history, humans have experimented with numerous ways to derive sexual satisfaction.

While sex toys in their primitive form have existed for long, the integration of AI is feat thought to be inconceivable until recently.

According to an assessment by experts, the industry is currently worth over $15 billion dollars and this value is expected to double in less than three years.

AI-driven sex toys are relatively new and their aim is to apply advanced concepts of machine learning to transforming our sexual experience.

Thanks to the sensors in sensitive parts of their body, these sex robots can experience pleasure and, in turn, reciprocate the favor.

With sex dolls, the romance and chit-chat typical of a normal relationship are eliminated, we can only, for now, speculate what the psychological effects will be.

Over the last decade, the monumental breakthrough in AI has helped mankind take the leap from just ordinary sex toys to AI-driven sex toys.

Also, with thousands of possible combination of clothes, looks, personalities, you can customize for the perfect companion right on your mobile device.

According to Sergi Santhos, the maker of Samantha, “it’s possible for humans to develop feelings for sex robots.” This is not hard to imagine considering that the doll can be aroused for sex, just like in female humans.

Harmony is suited to be the perfect companion, especially for those who find it difficult to hold stable relationships or people that don’t have time for a normal relationship.

It has been touted that Artificial Intelligence is set to take over the world and this will come at a time when machines are capable of independent-thought creation and process execution.

If/When AI singularity occurs in the future, the dynamics of sexual relationship of robots with humans will become intractable and is quite impossible to predict the future with any level of certainty.

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