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Tricentis Tosca helps enterprises plan, construct, stabilize, and execute resilient automated regression tests for ServiceNow applications.


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Prepare for Smarter ITSM: AI's Making a Debut at the Service Desk

Join us for a panel discussion with our resident Machine Language and Agent Intelligence Product Advisors. Starting with Kingston, ServiceNow Agent ...

ServiceNow Machine Learning Inspiration

It's easier than you think to begin leveraging machine learning techniques in ServiceNow - take a look! ..

Can artificial intelligence make your work life better today?

There's so much hype over AI and machine learning. But can it really make your work life better today? Learn more about the latest ServiceNow innovations: ...

ServiceNow - Machine Learning in Kingston

Machine Learning Expert, Harshini Elath, shows an example of how to setup Machine Learning in Kingston using AWS Lambda Functionality.

Neva AI for ServiceNow overview - March 2017 ServiceNow Bot in Workplace

Build enterprise chatbots for ServiceNow Systems.

Agent Intelligence

Learn how to enable & configure Agent Intelligence.

ServiceNow featured as one of the Awesome New HR Technologies at HR Tech 2017

Out of hundreds of vendors who go through an extensive vetting process, ServiceNow was selected as one of seven vendors to showcase its latest innovations ...

ServiceNow - Improve processes with Chatbot and RPA ("reset password")

Michel Conter, ServiceNow Team Leader at Fujitsu Luxembourg, explains and demonstrates how to make the "password reset" process user-friendly by using a ...

Chatbots connected with ServiceNow in one week?

Our tech team at ICS Solutions, connected our AI chatbot product line-up, FLEX AI, with ServiceNow in less than a single week. Email us at, to ...