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ITSM Platforms Gain Artificial Intelligence

Your IT service management platform and related tools are the workhorses and frameworks of operating any kind of successful IT organization, providing a way to track work, prioritize tasks, and make sure user issues get solved.

'CIOs are struggling with fragmented legacy technology, instead of delivering the experiences their employees and customers really need, our IT workflows provide a stable platform from planning to operations to service management.'

ServiceNow said that the deal will advance its deep learning AI capabilities and accelerate its vision of supporting all major human languages across the company's Now Platform and products, including ServiceNow Virtual Agent, Service Portal, Workspaces and emerging interfaces.

ServiceNow said this deal will extend the company's AI Ops capabilities, giving customers deeper insights into their digital operations so they can prevent and fix IT issues at scale before they become problems.

Loom will help ServiceNow increase customers' ability to apply AI to their knowledge base of issues and fixes for better insights into root causes, and it will allow them to automate remediation tasks.

The huge volumes of data collected today by IT platforms, in monitoring applications and the cloud, plus the variety and velocity of that data, has changed the way IT has to operate.

'By joining forces, we have the unique ability to bring together our AI innovations and ServiceNow's AI Ops capabilities to help customer prevent and fix IT issues before they become problems,' said Gabby Menachem, CEO of Loom Systems, in a statement.