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Artificial intelligence in the software engineering workflow - Peter Norvig (Google)

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in new software products, but the workflow of an AI researcher is quite different from the workflow of ...

A Day In The Life Of A Machine Learning Engineer | Learning Intelligence 36

A day in the life of what it's like to be a machine learning engineer. LINKS FROM THE SHOW: My AI Masters Degree - My favourite ..

Realistic AI Options For NodeJS Developers

Everyone wants to use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), but none of us are quite sure where to start. These new technologies are exciting, but ...

How AI is making entertainment more interactive

How AI is making entertainment more interactive. Presentation given at CogX 2019, on the Lab to Live Stage. Sharmadean Reid; Founder, Guy ...

PAI: Platform of A.I. in Alibaba (TF Dev Summit '19)

The Ali Baba Group's Wei Lin, Senior Director of PAI Platform of Artificial Intelligence gives a quick overview of how PAI operates at Ali Baba. Speaker: Wei Lin ...

Should you learn Ai and Machine Learning?

What are the Ai and machine learning job opportunities today?

How to start machine learning as a software engineer in 5 steps!

These are 5 tips to keep in mind when switching from software engineering to machine learning. As a full time software engineer, it's difficult to spare time on the ...

World's youngest Software Developer | Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi fell in love with computers at five, released his first iPhone app at nine, and now at just 13 years old is working with IBM on artificial intelligence.


Machine learning and Artificial intelligence been one of the best career's now. But when i'm working on six sigma after completion of mechanical engineering.

AI for Fashion by Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw is a senior developer at Yoox Net-A-Porter group, applying AI to fashion and commerce. Previously, Darren was part of IBM's Emerging ...